Helix release video for “The Story of Helix”

Helix release video for “The Story of Helix”

Back in or about February 2018, Helix frontman Brian Vollmer posted a video of himself reciting a poem titled “The Story Of Helix.” The group’s long-time frontman was recently in Blyth, Ontario, Canada where he performed it acoustically.

The following message was posted on Vollmer‘s Facebook page states:

“This spring Helix played an acoustic show at The Blyth Theatre and for the first time performed “The Story of Helix”, which I put together last winter down in Florida. Over the summer Daryl & I have been recording it at his studio in St. Catherines. It’s almost done now and I’ve started adding pics to the audio. We plan to have this tune on the next piece of Helix vinyl we put out, along with several other new Helix tracks.

The “rap” is over 7 minutes long and took me a bit of time to memorize. It’s one of those things where you can’t f**k up when you do it! In the future we plan to use it as we did in the acoustic show (live) as well as having the option of the video wherever the venue has projection screen capabilities.

This clip was put together by Nick Olmsted and Rock Dog pictures. THANKS NICK!!!”

You can go to Rock Dog Pictures‘ YouTube page to watch Helix perform “The Story of Helix.”