Helix Signs With AOR Heaven


February 11, 2009

AOR HEAVEN is proud to announce that they have licensed HELIX’ as yet untitled studio album for the territory of Europe. HELIX has been active in the past several years with several releases. THE POWER OF ROCK AND ROLL was released in 2007 to critical reviews. Their latest release, A HEAVY MENTAL CHRISTMAS, was released in all Canadian Wal-mart stores this November and received airplay world-wide. The CD also received great reviews from the critics.

“We expect this CD to be a continuation of those two CDs”, says producer/co-writer Gord Prior. “The knowledge we gained from working on those two discs is going to make this one a much more cohesive effort, even though we thought those two discs were some of the best ever released by the band. We already have the material written-it’s a matter now of tightening up the loose ends and going into the studio and recording it.”

Recordings of the CD will begin within the next couple of weeks. The band expects to have the CD finished by fall of this year. Also included on the CD will be a cover of the AC/DC song “IT’S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP IF YOU WANT TO ROCK AND ROLL” which unites the original HELIX line-up from the No Rest for the Wicked album-Brent Doerner, Mike Uzilac, & Greg (Fritz) Hinz.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.metalheaven.net