Helix Singer Working On CD To Raise Money For Church


April 27, 2008

Helix singer Brain Vollmer has updated the band’s website (www.planethelix.com) with the following message:

Since last November I’ve been working on a CD to help raise money for my church’s building fund. The church is Mary Immaculate Catholic church here in London, Ontario. This is the second CD I’ve had a hand in recording for the church, the first being a Christmas CD which raised over $10,000.00. On this disc we used talent from the congregation as well as individuals I knew from the music business. I enlisted the help of Brian Usher, quite a talented individual whom I know through taking piano lessons, as he’s my instructor. Brian is also a proficient piano/trumpet player and can score whole orchestras. He was on the road for many years as the arranger for a blues singer who’s name escapes me. Safe to say however that he knows his stuff.

The CD covers a wide range of secular music from county (Johnny Cash’s “It Was Jesus”), gospel (Elvis’s recording of Doris Aker’s “Lead Me Guide Me”), a couple of African spirituals (Syahumba & Steal Away to Jesus), a song by Father Keep (Mass of Creation), a beautiful rendition of “Be Not Afraid” by Chris Braie & arranged by Brian Usher, a couple of “written in the shower” originals by Yours Truly (Take the Hand of Jesus and God’s Love is Gonna Set Me Free), a classical version of Like a Shepherd, arranged once again by Brian Usher, and last but not least, “How Great Thou Art” sang by Tori May Brideau (age 6) and Jeff Liebusch (age 8). Watch for them at the 2020 Juno Awards.

These CDs may be obtained through the Helix website merchandise section.

As you all know, we’ll be in British Columbia in two weeks. On May 8th we’ll be in Kelowna at Flashbacks, which is ironic, considering the last time Helix played Kelowna (many years ago) I think I did acid. LOL. The last two dates (The Hope Arena on Thursday, May 9th, and The Red Robinson Theatre in Port Conquitlam) are with Trooper and are selling well. Lynda is coming along for these dates, and we’re flying soundman John Patterson out from Winnipeg to run sound. John ran sound on the last tour and hit it off famously with everyone in the band (esp. the ladies). He looks like he may become a permanent fixture on the Helix scene. Long-time Helix friend/fan Otter (Scott Montgomery) is hooking up with us in Hope, and after the dates are finished we’re driving to Otter’s place on Vancouver Island and taking in a couple of days sight-seeing in Victoria. Otter ran merchandise for us on a couple of western swings and has visited us here at Planet Helix several times.

As most of you know, Coney Hatch guitarist Carl Dixon (who has also played with April Wine & The Guess Who) was seriously injured in a head on car accident in Australia a couple of weeks ago. He faces a long road to recovery and I’m sure he would get a boost if all of you that are familiar with him would take a second from your busy day and send him a Get Well card.

Here’s the address:
Carl Dixon
c/o The Alfred Hospital
Melbourne, Vic 3004

Courtesy of www.planethelix.com