Helix to release new compilation album ‘Eat Sleep Rock’ which will include one new track in spring 2020

Helix to release new compilation album ‘Eat Sleep Rock’ which will include one new track in spring 2020

Great news for Helix fans as the veteran Canadian rockers will be releasing a new compilation album in the spring of 2020, which will include one new track.

The following message was posted on Vollmer‘s Facebook page yesterday (with slight edits):

“Yesterday I announced we’ll be putting an album out in the spring called Eat Sleep Rock. A couple of you asked if this is a compilation album. Well, yes and no and kind of…LOL. It’ll contain one brand new song, some that have been released on CD before, some that have been released only on vinyl. Here’s the song list:

Eat Sleep Rock (brand new song written by Sean Kelly & myself)
Wrecking Ball & Shock City Psycho Rock (both from the Half-Alive album/1996)
I’m a Live Frankenstein (from my solo CD When Pigs Fly/1999)
Even Jesus (from the Bastard of The Blues CD/2014)
Cyberspace Girl (from The Power of Rock And Roll/2006)
When the Bitter’s Got the Better of You (from Vagabond Bones/2008)
The Tequila Song (only released on a 2 song special vinyl single a couple of years ago w/The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight)
Gene Simmons Says (Rock Is Dead) — Released previously as a bonus track on E.M.I.’s “Icon” album & on the CD “Rock It Science
The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight (only released on a vinyl single)

There will only be 300 units of this album released on vinyl, so it will become a collector’s item once again. I’m presently contemplating what I’m going to do for the artwork and we’ll probably stage a photo session much like we did when we did the photography for “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight” vinyl single. As for the vinyl itself, I’m going to do something special, but I don’t quite know what yet.

Here’s the video for “I’m A Live Frankestein.” This was shot 10 stories down in the Conestoga Dam by Ray Lyell (Another Man’s Gun). The song was written by my weekend band at the time, 7 Year Itch, who’s members included Tony Paleschi & Bill Gadd, who appear in the video. I can’t even remember the name of the drummer who appeared, but his bald head fit the part. LOL. Chip Gall from Syre in on the other guitar. The song has become a staple in our live show and appears on several Helix CDs.”

Brian Vollmer’s “I’m A Live Frankestein” video:

I’m a live Frankenstein – Helix

available on the 30th anniversary concert dvd