Helix to release new single “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight” around May 6th

Helix to release new single “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight” around May 6th

Helix‘s long-time frontman and band leader Brian Vollmer posted a long message via Facebook today to bring people up to date with what he and the band will be doing in the next couple of months. Amongst other things, Helix will be releasing their next single “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight” around May 6, 2017 and Vollmer‘s next solo album will consist of nine covers and two original songs.

The following is the message posted by Vollmer on Facebook earlier today (with slight edits): 

“Hope to see all our hometown fans out at our gig at the London Music Hall on April 6th. We haven’t been around locally for a couple of years ago except for a couple of gigs out at Mike Glen‘s private bar and a gig out in St. Thomas that was HORRENDOUS because someone (who’ll I’ll leave nameless) hired a shit P.A. company to do sound to save 2 cents. Nowadays we try to pass on these types of engagements but it’s still hard to completely vet some of these gigs. One would have thought that the St. Thomas fair would have been a “safe” gig-that the gear, show times, and organization would have been together, but it was a cluster f**k from the word go. You know things are heading south when you emphasize emphatically to the P.A. company over and over to be on time for sound check (to which they agreed several times) and then THREE HOURS after you arrive for it you are still doing sound check. It was so bad that they decided to run the monitors off the main board-another mind numbing decision that couldn’t possibly come to a good end.

One thing about the London Music Club is that the gear in the room is A-1. I’ve been there for several gigs-Tim Hicks, Airbourne, and Steve Earl (where I was an MC and got up and sang the encore with a bunch of other musicians and Steve Earl‘s band) so we shouldn’t have any excuse if it doesn’t sound good. We’re also flying in our regular soundman from Ottawa-Mike Seguin-to run sound that night.

It’s going to a whirlwind week for me. I fly in from Fort Myers on the Monday and I hope to maybe get together with writing partner Sean Kelly on the Tuesday. We play on the Thursday and I fly back on the Saturday (April 8th). On April 15th Lynda, myself, our pets and belongings leave the Sunshine State to return home, unless we get a possible date in Winnipeg on April 15th, which would mean going back to Florida, packing up, and then heading for home. Crazy!

Then on May 6th we’re at The Century Casino in Edmonton with Kick Axe. Our last two shows there were sell-outs. We plan around the same time releasing “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight” on Facebook and through Youtube, hopefully with a Brent Doerner video of said song, which means more planning, running around, and organization. But you know what? IT’S BETTER THAN DIGGING A DITCH!

April and May are also when I’m recording my solo CD with Gavin Brown….

Gavin is not only producing but playing drums as well on this disc. We’re going to be recording 9 covers and 2 originals. It’s an honor to be working with Gavin as he’s one of the top producers in Canada at the moment with a long successful track record. Playing guitar for me is Sean Kelly, bass/Daryl Gray, & on keyboards Matt Weidinger. Wellinger (sp?) This is going to be a fun project and I’m really looking forward to it.

In June we’re at Sweden Rock. Although this is only a one set, one day gig for us it will take 5 days total from leaving until we return. I talked with Randy (our merchandiser) on the phone last night and he decided to buy his own plane ticket (along with Helix fan Andrew Libby) and come over on their own just to catch the show. Bonus! They’re going to stay until the Saturday however; we’re returning on the Thursday after the gig.

In August we’ll be in British Columbia & Saskatoon. August 13th we’re with Rough Trade and Honeymoon Suite in Kelowna for “Rock By The Lake“. The next weekend we’re with Randy Bachman in North Vancouver followed the next day by a gig with Streetheart in Saskatoon. In October we’ll be with Lee Aaron in Brampton at the Rose Theatre.”