Helix’s new compilation album ‘Eat Sleep Rock’ to be released on August 1st

Helix’s new compilation album ‘Eat Sleep Rock’ to be released on August 1st

Helix consisting of frontman Brian Vollmer, bassist Daryl Gray, drummer Greg ‘Fritz’ Hinz, and guitarists Chris Julke and Gary Borden, will be releasing their new compilation album Eat Sleep Rock via Perris Records on August 1, 2020.

The following message was posted on Helix‘s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“Yesterday, I was the last one up to get filmed for our new video “Eat Sleep Rock.” It’s being filmed by ex-Helix guitarist Brent Doerner in Kitchener, Ontario. Brent has done many of our videos, the best being “(Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead.” In this video we use a special effect, which will become evident when you see the video. We were all filmed on different days, on our own. In the video however, we’re all playing together.

The video also features the newest member of the band Gary Borden. Gary played for us for about a year in the mid 90’s. He’s a top notch guitar player (having played for years with Sass Jordan) and has a top fight voice as well. Gary also filled in for Kaleb when Liam was born and plays in weekend band with Daryl up in the Niagara Pennisula.

The video will be released in the next few weeks help pump up the release of the CD on August 1st.

Eat Sleep Rock is a compilation album with some of my favorite songs we’ve recorded since leaving Capitol/E.M.I. in 1990 plus one new song & The story of Helix. I could have picked many songs and it was hard to leave off songs like “Make ‘Em Dance”, “Go Hard Or Go Home”, “Running Wild in the 21st Century”, and “Good to the Last Drop.” Maybe on future albums. The song list for this record is:

Side One
01. The Story of Helix (unreleased)
02. Eat Sleep Rock (unreleased)
03. Shock City Psycho Rock: From Half-Alive 1996
04. Wrecking Ball: From Half-Alive 1995
05. I’m A Live Frankenstein from my solo album When Pigs Fly 2000

Side Two
01. Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved In His Home Town): From Bastard of The Blues 2014
02. Cyberspace Girl: From The Power of Rock And Roll 2006
03. When The Bitters Got The Better Of You: From Vagabond Bones 2008
04. The Tequila Song: from the EP The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight (limited red vinyl copies sold:300)
05. (Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead: From the Universal album ICON, released 2017.
06. The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight: from the EP of the same name. (limited red vinyl copies sold:300)

The CD is being released by Tom Mathers and Perris Records for all territories except Canada. I might press a “limited run” here-dunno yet. Don’t sell many CDs anymore – vinyl has surpassed it for our sales-but I still like to have them on hand if anyone wants them. As for the vinyl, I’m going to be releasing it myself on Helix Records. There’s a 10 week delay on pressing so the earliest we can have it in our hands is the middle of September…The CD however, comes out August 1st.”

Helix‘s “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight” video: