Helix’s ‘Smash Hits Unplugged’ Gets Officially Released In January

Helix’s ‘Smash Hits Unplugged’ Gets Officially Released In January

December 19, 2010

E.M.I. Records will release Helix’s ‘Smash Hits Unplugged’ officially in the second week of January 2011. The band will be releasing “That Day Is Gonna Come” (which originally appeared on 1993’s ‘Its A Business Doing Pleasure’), to rock radio and “Dream On” to Hot AC at the same time.

Helix frontman Brian Vollmer has been talking to his Eastern Canada agent Joel Baskin about going out and playing an acoustic set to help promote the disc as the band have already had interest from clubs/theatres in Cambridge, North Bay, Gravenhurst, and Bothwell, Ontario. It will be a very casual show where Helix actually talk about the songs during the set and use a variety of instruments onstage, just like they did on the album. Right now it’s in the planning stages but Vollmer is hoping that this might get the band into venues they wouldn’t normally play.

Regarding the band’s new reality show Vagabond Bones Brian says, “In the new year we’ll actually start editing a lot of the footage we have from the past several months. Hopefully we’ll have something to shop by around April. We still have bits and pieces to film, mostly with each member of the band going about their daily routines. Unlike a lot of other reality shows which are very scripted, there’s enough happens daily with us that we don’t have to make anything up. That doesn’t look to change in the near future either!”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.planethelix.com