Hell In The Club About To ‘Let The Games Begin’

Hell In The Club About To ‘Let The Games Begin’

November 22, 2010

Hell In The Club About To 'Let The Games Begin'Hell In The Club’s first album ‘Let The Games Begin’ will be released January 2011 in all of Europe and Japan (through Red Pony Records) and worldwide (through iTunes).

In the meantime it’s possible to listen to “Rock Down This Place”, the first single, available on the band’s official Myspace page – www.myspace.com/hellintheclub.

With members of two of the biggest Italian metal bands around, Secret Sphere and Elvenking, Damna (Elvenking) on vocals, Andrea Buratto (Secret Sphere) on bass, Federico Pennazzato (Secret Sphere) on drums and Andrea Piccardi on guitar, Hell In the Club will distress you, they’ll make you dance, sing and bang your heads with their songs and their amazing live shows… rock’n’roll is the keyword!

‘Let The Games Begin’ tracklist:

01 Never Turn My Back
02 Rock Down This Place
03 On The Road
04 Natural Born Rockers
05 Since You’re Not Here
06 Another Saturday Night
07 Raise Your Drinkin’ Glass
08 No Appreciation
09 Forbidden Fruit
10 Star
11 Daydream Boulevard
12 Don’t Throw In The Towel

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.hellintheclub.com