Hell’s Addiction release video for song “Holiday”

Hell’s Addiction release video for song “Holiday”

U.K. hard rockers Hell’s Addiction have released a video for their song “Holiday” which features family photos and memories submitted by their fans.

The group’s “Biography” on its Facebook page states:

Hell’s Addiction pounce with a mighty salute to the good times only a colossal injection of rock n roll can bring.

Based out of Leicester, UK, the mutual passion for the hardest-hitting rock bands cements the foundation upon which a truly kick ass rock band have risen.”

Hell’s Addiction consist of lead vocalist Ben Sargent, guitarists Liam Sargent and Dan Weir, bassist Jason Green and drummer Luke Morley.

Hell’s Addiction‘s “Holiday” song:

Hell’s Addiction – Holiday (Official Video)

Holiday (Radio Edit) by Hell’s Addiction 2017(Yeahhhhhhhhh YeahhhhhhOHHHHHH)Cause I’m tiredGot to get the hell out my wayKnock back another drinkGonna knock …