Hellsmoke release lyric video for “Devil’s Train”

Hellsmoke release lyric video for “Devil’s Train”

Scandinavian rockers Hellsmoke have released a second lyric video in support of their upcoming debut album which will be released later this year. After the release of the lyric video for “Common Man” last month, Hellsmoke have now released a lyric video for the track “Devil’s Train.”

Hellsmoke‘s press release states (with slight edits):

“The beginning of Hellsmoke happened in 2012 when Torbjorn and Christofer met and shared musical ideas and visions. However, it really started in 2015 when they both decided to make it happen and the songwriting process took off. Torbjorn is the songwriter and creative driving force in Hellsmoke and together with co-writer Christofer, they started to look for band members who shared their visions. It has been a journey and struggle to find right members and when Roger and Ivan joined the band in 2017, it finally felt complete – this is the Hellsmoke line up!

In 2016, a former band member presented a demo song for Ken Anthony and he was thrilled and wanted to hear more, which he did and today, Ken is Hellsmoke‘s band manager.

Hellsmoke has its roots in Helsingborg, Sweden, but since 2017 when Ivan Grosmeyer who is from Copenhagen in Denmark joined the band Hellsmoke became a Scandinavian band!

Hellsmoke is:

Ivan Grosmeyer – Singer
Ivan Grosmeyer is a Danish rock & metal singer who has sung in Danish rock and metal bands since 1989. In 1994, Ivan became the singer in Scandinavias biggest and best Metallica tribute band, Metallica-Jam. They have played at big venues and rock festivals and toured in Europe. In 2012, Ivan became a singer / frontier in the tribute band The Cult Jam. Ivan has been guest vocalist, on two Iron Fire albums, Metalmorphezised (The Underworld) and Voyage of the Damned (Taken).

Torbjorn Mansson – Bassplayer and songwriter
Has played the drums in many local bands for over 25 years and did also do it in Hellsmoke until 2017 when he decided to play the bass, he’s a musical multi talent! Torbjorn is the songwriter and art creator of Hellsmoke as well.

Christofer Dahlman – Guitarist and co-writer
Has earlier played with band like Bai Bang and Alyson Avenue (former singer in Nightwish Anette sang in Alyson Avenue). Christofer has toured and played at both smaller and bigger venues like Sweden Rock Festival and Monsters of Millennium (Alice Cooper, Dio and Ratt – the Scandinavian leg of the tour) with Bai Bang. Christofer is the co-writer in Hellsmoke.

Roger Landin – Drummer
Has played drums in Cloudscape (progressive metal) and was the drummer on the three first albums. He has also played at bigger venues like Sweden Rock Festival and Progpower Festival. Roger is also deeply involved in the songwriting and lyric writing process.”

Hellsmoke‘s “Devil’s Train” lyric video:

HELLSMOKE – DEVILS TRAIN official lyricvideo

Hellsmoke official lyricvideo Devils Train.

Hellsmoke‘s “Common Man” lyric video:

HELLSMOKE – COMMON MAN official lyricvideo

The Scandinavian hardrock band HELLSMOKE lyric video for the song COMMON MAN. Visit us at facebook.com/hellsmokerocks