Help Liv Jagrell win Inked Magazine’s cover girl competition so Liv Sin can tour the USA

Help Liv Jagrell win Inked Magazine’s cover girl competition so Liv Sin can tour the USA

Liv Sin and former Sister Sin frontwoman Liv Jagrell is entered in Inked Magazine‘s cover girl contest and has big plans for Liv Sin if she was to win the competition.

The following message was posted on Liv Sin‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Fellow sinners! We’ve got a favor to ask of you. Our one of a kind vocalist metal queen Liv Jagrell is in Inked Magazine’s cover competition. She has promised that if she wins or get placed on a winning cut, we will use that cash to tour the whole fucking USA ??. How about that? ? Just follow the link and vote for her here. ?? Thank you! ????”

Inked Cover interviewed Jagrell for the occasion. In terms of her first tattoo, Jagrell advised: “My small Ankh inside a sun on my left arm. I was 16 and gave my parents an ultimatum, either I would pierce my nose or get a tattoo. Surprisingly they choose the tattoo! I was hooked right away!”

If Jagrell was voted Inked Magazine‘s cover girl, she advised that she would do the following with the $25,000 prize: “It’s hard to be a musicians these days so I would love to take some of the money to help my band getting out on tour, then I would give some away to animal charity and yes, it might just be so that I happen to get a new tattoo as well!”

You can vote for Jagrell by going to her profile at Inked Cover.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Liv Sin‘s debut album Follow Me: “Liv Sin‘s Follow Me is the surprise album of the year for me. I was not expecting myself to like it that much based on the first three songs that had been released in advance of the record but as it turns out, the best tracks and the ones that are the closest to what Sister Sin might have come up with are buried deep in the album. But then again, I should have known better. When you have such a great and distinctive voice like Liv Jagrell has, odds are just about anything you touch will sound pretty damn good. While I always considered Sister Sin as more of a sleaze rock type band (starting with Switchblade Serenades) that turned into more of a heavy metal band, there is no doubt that Liv Sin is heavy metal with some touches of modern metal at its finest.”