Hessler aiming for new album to be released on vinyl in late spring 2020

Hessler aiming for new album to be released on vinyl in late spring 2020

Chicago, Illinois, USA based Hessler consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Igz Kincaid, guitarist Erik Michael, touring bassist Adam Arling and touring drummer Richo Marquina have announced that they are aiming for a late spring 2020 vinyl release for their upcoming new studio album.

The following message was posted in part on Hessler‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“@frmrchyledstarr knocked out the final drums for the new record. Setting off the dynamite, cause it’s been a loooooong rhyme coming. Have to compete guitars and and vox on two songs, then off to mix and master. Hoping for a late spring vinyl release. Ohhhhh yeaaaaaa ?”

Speaking to Sleaze Roxx back in November 2019, Kincaid provided some information about the upcoming new album as he indicated: “It’s been a slow burn, a controlled burn, but a slow one. We have eight songs fully completed and are in the process of finalizing the last two. We plan to release a vinyl LP in early 2020 — possibly as soon as January — and the goal is to have ten songs on it.”

Hessler have released four albums to date: Bad Blood EP (2011), Comes With The Territory (2012), Ghost Dance EP (2014) and Skeleton Crew EP (2016).

Hessler‘s “Akira” video (presumably from the upcoming new album):

Hessler – Akira (Official Video)

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