Hessler Confirm New Lead Vocalist Is Band Founder Igz Kincaid

Hessler Confirm New Lead Vocalist Is Band Founder Igz Kincaid

March 16, 2015

Less than 24 hours after releasing a new song entitled “King Of Sting”, Hessler have confirmed that their new lead vocalist is none other than founder and guitarist Igz Kincaid, and that the band will be moving forward as a four-piece.

Today Kincaid posted the following on Hessler’s Facebook page: “Erik [Michael, guitar] and I decided that all of the successes and failures of the last four years have lead us to move forward as a four piece with myself on lead vocals. I’ve contemplated fronting the band from before the release of Bad Blood in 2011 and am proud to finally be able to vocalize my lyrics as they were intended. Erik and I have been writing new music consistently since November and looking for the proper rhythm section to join the crew. Big thanks to Nate [Arling] from The Last Vegas for drumming on King of Sting; the purpose of this song is to reveal the new direction of the band and let you know that we’re back in the fight. To be honest, we’ve been writing songs faster than we can record them, but felt that you deserved to hear something right now. We plan on putting out a full-length at some point in the year and getting back on the road we love so much, but until then we hope you enjoy this new song and help us get back on our feet by voting for Hessler at www.rockthefox.com. Thanks for the energy, see you soon.”

Kincaid is no stranger to singing for Hessler, having done so prior to female frontwoman Lariyah Daniels joining the band. Kincaid also handled the lead vocalist duties one time in 2013, while Daniels was still in the group but could not deliver, during the band’s annual Halloween show where they traditionally impersonate a more established act. On that occasion, Hessler played their big annual Halloween bash as W.A.S.P..

One can certainly understand why Kincaid would decide once and for all to handle the vocals himself, given that Hessler have suffered the departure of two lead singers in less than a year, starting in January 2014. While every member of a band is important, the identity and sound of a band is often ingrained with its lead singer. By handling vocals himself, Kincaid removes the risk and potential setback that Hessler might face due to another singer leaving the band due to a lack of commitment, focus and/or any other reason. It will be interesting to see how Kincaid fares handling the prior Hessler catalogue which includes 2011’s ‘Bad Blood’ EP, 2012’s full-length ‘Comes With The Territory’ and 2014’s ‘Ghost Dance’ EP.

At this time, Hessler is still looking for a rhythm section to complete the band, which is currently comprised of Kincaid on lead vocals and guitars and Erik Michael on guitar. Michael had previously played bass for Hessler during ‘Comes With The Territory’ and ‘Ghost Dance’ but switched to guitar with the departure of guitarist Frankie Snakes Spirada and drummer Derek Spiteri in November of 2014.

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