Hessler release new version of “Bad Blood” with Igz Kincaid handling lead vocals

Hessler release new version of “Bad Blood” with Igz Kincaid handling lead vocals

Chicago, Illinois, USA heavy metal rockers Hessler have released a new version of their song “Bad Blood” with current male singer and guitarist Igz Kincaid handling the lead vocals with more material reportedly coming in January 2018.

Hessler previously released the song “Bad Blood” with female singer Lariyah Daniels handling the lead vocals on their EP of the same name in 2011.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Hessler‘s EP Bad Blood back in April 2011: “As I listen to Bad Blood, I think to myself, ‘damn, this sound was done to death almost 30 years ago!’ Yet it is the old-school sound and delivery of Hessler that keeps drawing me in, because even though the formula being used is decades old, there really aren’t many new bands taking this approach — or maybe it’s the seductive photos of Daniels on the group’s website that is clouding my judgment.”

Since that EP, Hessler have released three albums — the full-length album Comes With The Territory (2012) with Daniels on lead vocals, the EP Ghost Dance (2014) with Jessikill singing and Skeleton Crew (2016) with Kincaid at the helm in terms of vocals.

Hessler‘s 2017 version of “Bad Blood” song with Kincaid on lead vocals:

HESSLER – Bad Blood (2017)

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