Hessler Release Their First Song With A Male Singer

Hessler Release Their First Song With A Male Singer

March 15, 2015

Four months after parting ways with female vocalist Jessikill, and roughly three months after the departure of guitarist Frankie Spirada and drummer Derek Spiteri, Hessler return with a new track called “King Of Sting”.

The trademark twin guitar attack so prevalent in prior Hessler songs is still there, but the track represents the group’s first with a male lead vocalist. This is not the first time the Chicago based band has had a male singer though, as early incarnations of Hessler featured one prior to the addition of Lariyah Daniels. However, this is the first time that Hessler has officially released a song with a male singer at the helm.

Hessler’s three previous recordings were 2011’s ‘Bad Blood’ EP and 2012’s full-length record ‘Comes With The Territory’, with Daniels handling vocals, and 2014’s ‘Ghost Dance’ EP, with Jessikill on the microphone. Sleaze Roxx had declared the following about the band’s last EP: “Every song on Ghost Dance is a good one. It really is pure head-banging bliss highlighted by Jessikill’s clear and powerful vocals. I have been playing Ghost Dance non-stop ever since receiving it in the mail and I love it a little more each time. This is definitely one of my favourite CDs of 2014 thus far.”

Interestingly, Hessler have yet to announce their new line-up. Since the release of “King Of Sting”, the early rumblings are that it is none other than band founder and guitarist Kincaid handling the lead vocals.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com