Hessler to release title track to upcoming new album ‘When The Sky Is Black’ on March 23rd

Hessler to release title track to upcoming new album ‘When The Sky Is Black’ on March 23rd

Chicago, Illinois, USA based Hessler consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Igz Kincaid, guitarist Erik Michael, touring bassist Adam Arling and touring drummer Richo Marquina have unveiled the cover for their upcoming new studio album When The Sky Is Black

Sleaze Roxx is honoured to be hosting the American premiere of the group’s title track during the week of March 23 to 27, 2020.

Hessler have released four albums to date: Bad Blood EP (2011), Comes With The Territory (2012), Ghost Dance EP (2014) and Skeleton Crew EP (2016).

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Kincaid was asked what inspired him for the title track and cover for the new album to which he replied:

“I was born in Bosnia [former Yugoslavia] and was fortunate through sheer luck to miss the actual war, though my parents, family and friends were not. I left Bosnia in May of 1992 and did not return until July of 2018. In the capital of Sarajevo, I went to the Museum of Crimes Against Humanity, and was overwhelmed by the experience. As soon as I walked out of the museum, I sat down on a bench and wrote the lyrics from the perspective of what my thoughts would be if I was unfortunate enough to be stuck in the city of Sarajevo during the two year siege. Regarding the cover for the upcoming album, it’s the figurative coming together of a modern city’s past and a modern city’s apocalyptic future, which I hope never actually happens. The album cover is one of my favorite spots in Chicago to relax at and our friend Bryan W [TLV / Black Actress] did a fantastic job shooting the cover as well as the tremendous artwork done to the photo by our long-time graphic designer, Billy Arnett. It’s a powerful image and we’re looking forward to it being the cover for the first vinyl release in our history.”

Hessler‘s “Crazy Horse” single (from upcoming album When The Sky Is Black):

HESSLER – Crazy Horse

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