Hitten drop video for new single “Mr. Know It All”

Hitten drop video for new single “Mr. Know It All”

Spanish rockers Hitten consisting of lead vocalist Alexx Panza, guitarists Dani Meseguer and Johnny Lorca, drummer Willy Medina and bassist Satan have unveiled a video for their new single “Mr. Know It All.” The video features Antonio Saura as ‘El Máquina’ and Laura González as ‘Secretary’.

Hitten have released some lead up explanations to the storyline behind their video in terms of some “chapters”.

August 18, 2023 — “Chapter 1: “The Letter”

Anticipation hummed as the band awaited Dani, their famously late guitarist. He entered, a letter in hand – an offer from “Big Shot Records”. Excitement turned to amusement as terms unveiled a comically absurd deal. They aimed to confront ‘El Maquina,’ the label’s audacious CEO.

Stay tuned for “Chapter 2: El Maquina” and meet the most arrogant guy on earth!”

August 21, 2023 — “The Chapter 2 of the small series of episodes we have prepared is out now. Check it out! 👇


🎬𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐: “𝐄𝐥 𝐌𝐚𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐧𝐚”🎬

Meet ‘El Maquina,’ the titan of arrogance and CEO at Big Shot Records. His office exudes power, cigars smoldering as laughter resonates. A master of hubris, he’s the embodiment of audacity, daring anyone to challenge his reign. As the band steps into his domain, defiance meets ego. #BigShotBoss #egoempire”

August 23, 2023 — “🎬Chapter 3: “Big Shot Records” is OUT NOW!🎬

Fury fueled their footsteps as the band marched to the hallowed halls of Big Shot Records. Their collective anger was a palpable force, charging the air with an electric tension. Arriving at the threshold, voices raised in a crescendo of indignation.

The door swung open, revealing ‘El Maquina‘s’ secretary, a visage of boredom etched upon her features. She regarded them with the weariness of someone accustomed to bands storming the castle, yet another thorn in her side. What she did not know is that this time was going to be different.

The door seemed to close with a finality that echoed their frustration, leaving them standing outside, their rage ricocheting against the walls.

But this was no ending. This was merely the prelude to their reckoning, the spark that ignited the fire within.

Stay tuned as their journey of confrontation continues in Chapter 4: “He Who Laughs Last…” where arrogance meets the crescendo of defiance.”

August 25, 2023 — Chapter 4 — “Inside the heart of Big Shot Records, tension hummed like an electric current.

The secretary approached ‘El Maquina‘s’ office, carrying the band’s request like a fragile truth.

She entered, her voice unwavering, reporting the band’s desire to talk. “What should I tell them?” she asked, her gaze steady. ‘El Maquina‘s’ response was swift, cold and clear: “Tell them to f*** off!

With those words, fate shifted.

The clash between rebellion and arrogance inched closer, setting the stage for the BIG ANTHEM to come in Chapter 5….”

August 28, 2023 — “Chapter 5 – #error_name%?!

🔥Fiction unveiled, Reality ignited🔥

🔥New single ‘Mr. Know It All

coming out on Sep 1st🔥


Today, a new chapter unfolds, revealing an enthralling narrative – a captivating fiction that brings to life the anthem of defiance, ‘Mr. Know It All.’ This character ‘El Maquina‘ encapsulates the arrogance we challenge, a testament to a past we leave in our wake as we surge forward.

With hearts afire, we proudly affirm our allegiance to our current label, steering clear of ‘Big Shot Records‘ and its haughty ‘El Maquina.’ This entity serves as a reflection of certain real-world labels, overseen by those consumed by arrogance, eager to exploit your musical essence, demanding your soul for nothing in return. Stand beside us as we approach the release of ‘Mr. Know It All’ on September 1st, a cornerstone within our forthcoming record. Details are on the horizon, and we invite you to stay tuned for the unfolding saga!”

Hitten formed back in 2011 and have released the EP Shake The World (2012) along with the full-length albums First Strike With The Devil (2014), State of Shock (2016), Twist of Fate (2018) and Triumph & Tragedy (2021).

Hitten‘s “Mr. Know It All” video: