Holy Water Frontman David Knight Passes Away

Holy Water Frontman David Knight Passes Away

April 30, 2014

Holy Water singer David Knight passed away at the age 0f 50 on April 21st, although details surrounding his death are still developing.

With Holy Water Knight released ‘The Collected Sessions’ through Perris Records in 2009, an album that culminated the group’s recordings from the early ’80s to the early ’90s.

Holy Water bassist Freddy Villano shared his memories of Knight with Sleaze Roxx. “David was a phenomenal singer and those who knew him and/or heard him sing will most definitely attest to this fact. His death is so sad, on a personal level, obviously, but also on a professional one — mostly because I think he deserved so much more as a singer and songwriter. He was a truly talented individual whose voice could’ve had mass appeal”

“All I Need”, the video and single released by Holy Water in support of ‘The Collected Sessions’, is quite possibly the last song Knight ever wrote, recorded and sang.

“David’s enthusiasm for the track “All I Need” was totally palpable,” Villano continued. “He really felt this was a new direction for Holy Water and was eager to make more music together using this template. David was never really a ‘metal’ guy. Even back in the day it was a hard role for him to assume, especially in a world of Bon Jovis, Mike Tramps and their kin. It just wasn’t his thing. He was influenced by more mainstream artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, REM, etc. So I think the direction of “All I Need” really appealed to him in a visceral way.”

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