House Of Lords Will Be ‘Indestructible’ In June

House Of Lords Will Be ‘Indestructible’ In June

April 9, 2015

House Of Lords’ tenth studio album, aptly entitled ‘Indestructible’, will be released on June 3rd in Europe, June 6th in the UK and June 7th in North America via Frontiers Music.

The new album shows once again what House Of Lords stands for: powerful and heavy songs, with major hooks and melodies and grandiose arrangements. “The name Indestructible was chosen because we all felt that we have been through a lot in our long careers and what better way to say ‘Hey, I’m still here’ than by giving the CD a bold title,” says singer James Christian.

‘Indestructible’ features eleven brand new songs, which masterfully combine the best of heavy and melodic hard rock. “The album is heavier in the beginning, but we love songs that are both melodic and heavy,” continues Christian, “and the idea was to fill the best of both on one CD without sounding like two different bands. I think we have accomplished that. A good example would be the song “Pillar of Salt” especially gives a good representation of how the new album sounds: a combination of heavy, melodic, and thoughtful lyrics. This song is one of my favorites!”

Besides being House Of Lords tenth studio album, the new record sees the new line-up celebrating their first ten years together. “It is amazing to work with BJ (Zampa, drums), Chris (McCarvill, bass) and Jimi (Bell, guitars),” tells Christian, “they are all very aware of what House Of Lords represents and they are committed to making records that complement the history of the band. No matter which House Of Lords album you listen to, there is a common thread, which comes from the fact that the four of us are musically in sync. This is the real reason why we have been able to produce records of this calibre.”

House Of Lords will exclusively appear at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Trezzo (MI) next Sunday, April 12th, and start a European tour in September, with a very special surprise show to be announced.

‘Indestructible’ track listing includes: Go To Hell; Indestructible; Pillar Of Salt; 100 Mph; Call My Bluff; We Will Always Be One; Die To Tell; Another Dawn; Eye Of The Storm; Ain’t Suicidal; Stand And Deliver.

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