How Sebastian Bach Nearly Reunited Guns N’ Roses


June 24, 2008

Yesterday, Sebastian Bach recalled the smackdown he received from Axl Rose when he dared to suggest Rose nail down a Chinese Democracy release date. Today, the onetime Skid Row frontman has an amazing story about how he nearly got Axl and Slash together — to rock out with Sly Stone:

“I actually talked on the phone to Sly Stone because I always wanted to do obscure covers of Sly Stone songs. I want to do them in the style of ‘Back in the Saddle’ from Angel Down. I had a whole session ready to go. Sly said, ‘I’d love Axl and Slash to come play on this.’ I texted Axl and said, ‘Would you be interested in singing with Sly Stone on some music?’ He goes, ‘Yeah. If this is a real album that Sly’s doing, I will come down there and sing with you guys.’

“I was footing the bill for this session on my own. I had everyone ready to go. At the very last minute my manager calls Sly and says, ‘What’s Sly going to need?’ Sly wanted me to buy him a dog. He gave me this information on a specific kennel in northern California in Napa Valley and a specific breed for one puppy that he wanted me to buy for him for $8,500. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back on the session.

“If this isn’t crazy enough, two months ago Slash called me out of the blue and asked me to work on a project that it is not Velvet Revolver — it’s another project with high-profile musicians. I asked him, ‘Would you be interested in playing with Sly Stone on a thing?’ I explained it to him and Slash goes, ‘Yeah, I’ll do that.’ I almost had them reunited on a Sly tune. That still could happen. If I can afford to buy Sly the puppy he wanted, I can reunite Guns n’ Roses.

“I was raised on Sly and the Family Stone as much as Kiss and Judas Priest and I’m so honored he’d want to work with me. To get Axl singing on it, it sounds nuts, but that’s what I do. If I can get together the $8,500 bucks to buy Sly the attack dog, then it’s on.”

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