Hulk Hogan Would Have Quit Wrestling To Join Metallica


November 3, 2009

Hulk Hogan Would Have Quit Wrestling To Join MetallicaLuis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune reports that it was hard not to notice the clunky World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame ring adorning Hulk Hogan’s left hand on Thursday, but the 56-year-old wrestling legend, who was in Chicago to promote his autobiography “My Life Outside the Ring,” sounded as if he’d prefer people not look at it.

“I think Vince McMahon paid $20 for it,” said Hogan as he sat in the mostly empty restaurant in his hotel. “My high school ring was better than this thing.”

Why does Hogan wear the ring, which was given to him by his former boss?

“To cover up this Linda thing,” said Hogan, lifting up his left hand to show the “Linda” tattoo — a tribute to his ex-wife, Linda Hogan — on his ring finger. “I didn’t wear it for a while, but it’s perfect for covering that up.”

The Linda tattoo, which he has unsuccessfully tried to get removed, hasn’t swayed him from getting more tattoos. He recently had the bible verse “I am that I am” inked onto his right forearm.

Hogan said the tattoo is meant to honor the faith that helped him get past his divorce, his son Nick’s highly publicized car accident and his bout with suicidal thoughts, all of which he details in his memoir.

The book is Hogan’s second autobiography and offers more details on his family and childhood. Apparently the Hulkster wasn’t exactly a ladies’ man in high school but could hold his own with a bass guitar. Hogan, who made good money playing high schools and fraternities with different bands, said he tried to get back into music even after making it big in wrestling.

“I was in England presenting an award with Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger’s ex, and she told me the [Rolling] Stones were looking for a bass player,” Hogan said. “I sent her a ton of merchandise that she asked for and said ‘Tell Mick I’m a great bass player.’ I never heard a word back.

“When Metallica was looking for a bass player, I called and never heard a word back from them either. I would have quit wrestling in a heartbeat to be a bass player for Metallica.”

It’s hard to believe Hogan would have completely left wrestling. He walks with a limp these days and had back surgery two weeks ago (he stood up in the middle of the restaurant to show me the scars on his back), and yet he still agreed to wrestle a few dates in Australia later this month. He also just signed a contract with Total Nonstop Action, WWE’s only serious competitor.

“Some people say Vince made wrestling and some say it was Hulk Hogan,” Hogan said. “We both did it together. I thought it would be cool to see who has more juice right now.”

Hogan claimed he still doesn’t know what his role will be with TNA, but it sounded like he will make creative decisions, participate in story lines and, more than likely, wrestle.

“People might say I’m too slow or crippled to get back in the ring,” Hogan said. “I can’t say they’re wrong. I heard Stone Cold [Steve Austin] say ‘I’m not hanging around and embarrassing myself like some of these old guys.’ I wonder who he’s talking about, you know?

“But it’s all about having fun and making the crowd go crazy and I think I can still do that, man. I might limp a little and might have to pull myself up by the ropes to get up, but I won’t know until I get in there. If I really do embarrass myself to the point where fans are laughing at me, I’ll leave.

“I still have reasons to go do this, and it’s not just because I need to make money — which I do. I still love it. I still love it, man. I don’t know what else to say.”

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