Hull Metal Heaven starts crowd funding campaign for its last edition coming up on Sept. 14-16

Hull Metal Heaven starts crowd funding campaign for its last edition coming up on Sept. 14-16

Due to poor ticket sales, Hull Metal Heaven, which is technically on its second edition after last year’s Hair Metal Heaven, has had to drop a number of bands (Sven Gali, Art Nation and The New Roses) to be able to forge ahead at The Welly Club in Hull, U.K. from September 14 to 16, 2018.

The following message was posted on Hull Metal Heaven’s Facebook page yesterday:

“I just want to say thank you for the support everyone has shown us so far. Ive never felt comfortable with the idea of fundraisers and being so single minded Ive always tried to do everything on my own! These are tough times and now just getting through the day is a real struggle but i want to let you know that I am doing my damnedest to ensure that you all have the most amazing weekend of rock n roll. Sorry we had to cut a few bands (sorry to the bands too) but I had to do what was right for the festival to be abe to continue. I think there are still a few bucket list bands on there for people and the caliber of acts that are playing astounds me! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this year unlike last year were I was AWOL for most of the fest! Dave will be heading up social media all weekend keeping you in the loop n all that jazz. We have a great BBQ guy in the pub car park opposite and hope to add a few more too. Renegades will be selling his own range merch upstairs along with band merch too.

So please, if you haven’t seen our Crowdfunder, please do take a look. I think the idea behind having a Programme we can all look back on that features your pictures from both HMH‘s and your words is a poignant one and I hope you all buy one or go one better and get the bundle cos you get a bad ass Tee, Hoodie and Programme just for £80!

That’s all for now Folks!


Crowdfunder states the following about helping to fund the last Hull Metal Heaven ever:

Ian Wright – the owner of HMH has lost his house, has sold everything of value that he owns and is going through a divorce. This isn’t how it should be when someone tries to do something of good value for the local community. He has had zero help from local businesses or the council yet last year saw every hotel and every bar packed for 4 days because of his event. His festival brings in people from all over the world to Hull and most have returned because of this festival. He spends every waking hour on HMH business. His life has spiraled out of control. No one should have to suffer this much when trying to do something good for the community. Lets help get him and his festival back on its feet by making this final festival a roaring success. This is the Last Bang!

We have always said we are a fan led festival – By the fans for the fans. We would never shy away from the truth. We’ve been praying that our ticket sales pick up but ultimately and whether it be the style of music or the area the show is in, the sales have not been what we had hoped or what we had budgeted for.  We are making a final attempt at funding by any means necessary but we need the support of our fans to buy merchandise and other associated items to help us reach our target. If everyone who is attending the festival buys one of our rewards like our commemorative Programme packed with HMH highlights from the last two years, a Tee or one of our awesome Hoodies then we are going to smash this Fund Raiser in record time. Dont forget to share the link on FB and Twitter too.

The team have sat and discussed all options available to us and whilst pulling the festival might be an easy option we are not ones for quitting. Last year was a harsh exercise in how to run a festival and we took away some massive pointers from those 3 days alone. So this year we developed a line up and a budget we thought would be successful enough to at least break even. However, the climate this year has been dominated by new festivals opening and regular ones shutting up shop and we have seen the effect this has had on our sales. Its been that kind of year.

The option we have decided to go with is to try and make £5k plus on this Crowdfunder by selling our official Festival merchandise along with some ticket bundles and a souvenir programme that we want YOU – THE FANS to be the major players in. We are also selling ad space for any businesses to buy within the programme at very reasonable rates.

Thank you for your continued support – Its fans like you that make the Festival scene what it is. Without you…its nothing. SO thanks to those who have supported us over the years.

HMH Team

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