Humbucker Set To Release ‘King Of The World’ In April

Humbucker Set To Release ‘King Of The World’ In April

March 25, 2014

On April 10th Humbucker will release their new album ‘King Of The World’ worldwide, with distribution being handled by MusicBuyMail. The album is available for pre-order through the band’s website at

‘King Of The World’ is produced by Hallgeir Rustan and drummer Geir Arne Dale. Rustan formed Stargate in the ’90s and is one of Norway’s most decorated producers, responsible for producing records that have sold more than 25 million units in total and has more than 40 Top 10 hits in the UK under his belt. After recording bass and drums in Notodden, Norway, with acclaimed engineer Njal Frode Lie at Juke Joint Studios, Humbucker moved the opperation to Stargate Studios in Trondheim and recorded all guitars, vocals and backing vocals there. Wanting to have a more authentic classic rock sound the boys think that the move was perfect and they are very happy with the result. Mixing and mastering was handled by famed producer Beau Hill.

The album is a perfect blend of rock and roll, metal and with a fine ballad to cool things down with. The cover was made by acclaimed French Photoshop artist Ludovic Cordelieres and UK graphic designer Hugh Gilmour has once again taken care of the package design. The album is already said to be the best rock album from a Norwegian rock band in decades and if you like bands like KISS, Bad Company, AC/DC, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, Motley Crue and such, you’re most likely going to love this album!

The Norwegian rock band originally formed in 1998 as four guys who wanted to create a band that didn’t just stand still on stage… they wanted to create something visually exciting too. In that first year, the band was more or less an AC/DC tribute, playing mostly AC/DC songs with a Motorhead or Rods tune here and there. Although building a solid fan-base by gigging anywhere that would take them, by 2002 the band decided to call it a day due to the pressure of day jobs.

That was until the summer of 2010, which saw the band reuniting for a one-off performance, and after that first rehearsal they knew they were back on track; the magic was all there, sounding better than they had ever done before. Deciding to ‘Go for it’ on that first gig back together, by the end of that show Humbucker had already been offered several more gigs. After a period of six months they decided to finally record their debut, recruiting singer Jan Anders Boen in the process — lifting the band to yet another level with his young, fresh attitude. The debut album ‘R.O.C.K.S’ was released on August 20th 2011, with Sleaze Roxx stating, “This may be a debut album, but it has the swagger of seasoned veterans and enough variety to hold your attention from beginning to end. I can only envision great things for Humbucker in the future.”

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