Idora’s debut full-length album ‘Wildcat’ available for pre-ordering

Idora’s debut full-length album ‘Wildcat’ available for pre-ordering

Hard rockers Idora‘s debut full-length album Wildcat is now available for pre-ordering via the group’s Bandcamp page, where you can hear the three following new songs: “Wildcat,” “Lil Miss Rosie” and “Superman.”

Idora CD coverThe Wildcat album is available in both physical (limited quantities) and digital formats, and includes a cover of Y&T‘s “Go For The Throat.” The physical copies of the album will be shipped on August 11, 2016.

Idora describe themselves as follows on their Bandcamp page: “We’re an L.A. based band with deep ties to Youngstown, Ohio. Killer rhythm section, heavy guitar riffs, and soaring vocals are what we’re about. If you like 80’s metal, you’ll LOVE us!”

The group describes its Wildcat album as follows: “The sophomore effort from melodic hard rockers Idora! If you like your drums loud, guitar riffs screaming, along with killer hooks and harmonies, you’ve come to the right spot! Mixed by Johnny Lima, this CD promises to deliver ear candy sound of the 80’s hard rock you love.”

Track List for Wildcat:
01. Intro
02. Wildcat
03. Go For The Throat
04. Silver And Black
05. Lil Miss Rosie
06. Simple Man
07. Greased And Primed
08. Heaven Seventeen
09. Saints And Sinners
10. Medusa
11. Superman