Imari Tones release video for “The Wave”

Imari Tones release video for “The Wave”

Imari Tones have released a video for their song “The Wave” from their latest concept studio album Jesus Wind, which was released on November 9, 2017.

The following message was posted by Imari Tones‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“New music video from “Jesus Wind”. This is not a very happy song, but a very powerful heavy metal song nonetheless. “The Wave”, a song about the Tsunami, very crucial song in the concept album story.”

Track List for Jesus Wind:
1. Jee-You
2. Dying Prophet
3. God’s People
4. Saints Seeking Salvation
5. Bushido
6. The War
7. The Peace
8. Remembrance
9. The Wave
10. When The Nation Falls
11. This is How Freedom Dies
12. Repent
13. Don’t Stop Walking
14. Revolution
15. New Jerusalem

Imari Tones‘ “Tsunami” video:

The Wave – Imari Tones – Tsunami song music video

This is 6th and probably the last music video from our “Jesus Wind” concept album.It’s called “The Wave”. When we played the song live, we have faked as if i…