Impact release video for new single ‘Faster’n’Higher’

Impact release video for new single ‘Faster’n’Higher’

German rockers Impact consisting of lead vocalist Joe Hanson, drummer Ian Hendrik, lead guitarist Morris Ramon, rhythm guitarist Danny and bassist Dan Ringer have released a video for their new single “Faster’n’Higher” from their debut album Initial Impact, which has been available since July 9, 2021.

Track List for Initial Impact:
01. Friday Night
02. We Want Out (Radio Edit)
03. Funky String
04. Hangover
05. Motherfucking Outlaw
06. Faster’n’Higher
07. Voices of The Night (feat. Dale Radcliffe)

Impact‘s Facebook page indicates (with slight edits): “Impact is a young, five piece Hard Rock Band from Germany founded in February of 2020. With new energy and their own songs inspired by bands like Metallica and Whitesnake, they bring back the sound from the 80s! Thunderous song with screaming vocals!”

Impact‘s ‘Faster’n’Higher’ video:

Impact‘s “We Want Out” video: