Impressive? — Wildstreet played over 100 shows in 2021

Impressive? — Wildstreet played over 100 shows in 2021

Wildstreet frontman and co-founder Eric Jayk was recently interviewed by Mick Michaels for The Cosmick View. Wildstreet released a new album titled III via Golden Robot Records back in late June 2021.

Despite the ongoing Covid pandemic, Wildstreet were one of the few bands to tour extensively in 2021. Jayk noted: “We did 6 tours in 2021, over 100 shows…were one of the few bands of our size to tour Europe. It’s massive. As far as COVID, three of us left in April for our first tour fully vaccinated. I urged the rest of the guys to but it’s their choice. I worry about my guys cuz I am the band leader. Needless to say, they weren’t concerned at all.”

On whether Wildstreet encountered any issues over the last six months due to Covid while on tour, Jayk indicated: “No, nothing except one venue cancelled a show cuz their staff was ill.”

With respect to whether he feels that the level of fear and concern because of the enduring pandemic is keeping people from attending shows and supporting the return of live music, Jayk opined: “At many shows, crowds were less than expected. Even diehard fans weren’t coming out. Kinda a drag but understandable.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Eric Jayk at The Cosmick View‘s website.

Wildstreet‘s “Tennessee Cocaine” video: