In/Vertigo looking for new drummer to replace Keaton “Keystone” Byfield

In/Vertigo looking for new drummer to replace Keaton “Keystone” Byfield

Western Canada rockers In/Vertigo are looking for a new drummer to replace their long-time beat man Keaton “Keystone” Byfield.

The following message was posted on In/Vertigo‘s Facebook page back on June 12, 2020 (with slight edit):

“It’s with a heavy heart we announce the departure of our long term drummer and band mate, Keaton “Keystone” Byfield for personal reasons. This road is not an easy one, and this lifestyle is not for everyone. Keaton gave us 4 years of his passion and talent, he played over 300 gigs with us, 28 cities, traveled across the continent, performed his hometown arena, 2 music videos, and put a smile to thousands of people, all before he turned 25. His groove kept people dancing all night, and his consistent and precise drumming lives on in our EP, and hopefully in future projects of his as we’re sure he’ll eventually be ready to take on that kit again with a new band. We are proud of him, respect his decision and wish him the best.

He has left some big shoes to fill, but we have decided to carry on and hope to begin searching and jamming with new drummers over the coming weeks.

We want to thank everyone for all their support, and we want to thank Keaton for 4 years of his blood and sweat. He gave it an amazing run and he earned every right to make this difficult decision, we’ll miss ya Key.


Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of In/Vertigo‘s self-titled EP back in 2017: “In terms of In/Vertigo‘s EP, you’ll recall the movie Jerry Maguire featuring Tom Cruise and where Renee Zellweger uttered this famous line: “You had me at hello.” Well, In/Vertigo had me right from my first listen of the opening guitar riff of the opening track “Take It.” After hearing that mind blowing riff, I felt a little bit like at an Iron Maiden concert with Bruce Dickinson stating on Live After Death — “Wait for it Long Beach.” Yes, I was waiting for the lead vocalist Reed‘s singing. Anything half decent would do to make the track “Take It” a good one after that stellar opening guitar riff.

To my surprise, Reed‘s vocals were simply killer with some bluesy overtones and plenty of range. How good is the song “Take It”? It just might be my favorite track of the year. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the song is the maturity level exuded by the band members on the song. It’s not your straight up rocker the way that Airbourne might serve up. There’s some complexity to the track with varying tempos but it simply really rocks!”

Sleaze Roxx concluded its review by stating: “… the In/Vertigo EP is simply a stellar collection of four songs mixing classic rock with more up tempo rock n roll and some strong melodies at times. That opening track “Take It” is so good that I just can’t imagine anyone not at least liking the song and most loving the song. If you’re interested in purchasing the album, I suggest contacting In/Vertigo directly because I truly do not know where else to acquire the group’s stellar EP.”

In/Vertigo performing “Take It” live at Distortion in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on February 18, 2017: