Info Regarding American Dog’s New Live DVD


March 31, 2008

As many of you already know, American Dog’s live DVD/CD “Hard on the Road” was recently released by the French Label “Bad Reputation”

Well, the band has some good news and bad news,

The Good News: The DVD came out great! It’s been selling very well and is getting great reviews.

The Bad News: There was a manufacturing defect on the CD, which results in a “crackling” noise.

The president of “Bad Reputation”, Eric Coubard (who we have worked with for 10 years) has already contacted the manufacturer about the problem and new CD’s are already being pressed.

They should be finished by Monday April 7th.

If you have already ordered “Hard on the Road” you will receive areplacement CD in the mail, (along with an extra gift from BadReputation). Eric is a stand-up man, who stands behind his bands and hisproduct.

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