Inglorious frontman Nathan James speaks out against inappropriate responses to band’s line-up changes

Inglorious frontman Nathan James speaks out against inappropriate responses to band’s line-up changes

It’s a sad day for Inglorious and rock n’ roll fans in general as Inglorious‘ frontman Nathan James had to issue a video statement outlining some of the inappropriate remarks that the band has received since announcing that three of its five members (guitarists Drew Lowe and Andreas Eriksson and bassist Colin Parkinson) were departing the band and that one replacement (guitarist Danny Dela Cruz) had been found so far to continue with James and drummer Phil Beaver.

The following is a transcription from Sleaze Roxx of the video statement from James below:

“Hi guys — It’s me, Nathan James. I wanted to read this statement. Over the past few days, a number of things have come to my attention and left me really concerned. In recent posts regarding our line-up change, I’ve read personal and threatening remarks, the most appalling of which have been the tweets that I have seen concerning my sexuality and the race of our 19 year old guitar player. I was under the impression that everyone here was a decent rock loving human being with a big heart and love for music. It appears that I was wrong and this behaviour is not welcome on our page. You follow this band I started five years ago for the love of our music and we feel truly let down that we are receiving this kind of abuse. It is cyberbullying and it will not be tolerated. We know people are angry, upset and confused but these words are affecting our families, our friends and members of the bands, both past and present.

When you have no idea what is going on in our personal lives or anyone’s reasons for what happened, if people moving country, getting married, and even welcoming new babies into the world, we ask that you are respectful of everyone’s privacy. We are people with feelings and no matter how upset you are with the news, please understand and try to imagine what it’s been like for [drummer] Phil [Beaver] and myself. We have been so flattered by the incredible musicians that have come forward and expressed an interest in joining this band, and we ask for your understanding whilst we secure the best, most dedicated and fully committed members to join Phil [new guitarist], Danny [Dela Cruz] and myself on tour in January. With everything that is going on in the world today, we hope you’ll see that even for us in the band, this kind of situation is not the end of the world or the band. It is only rock n’ roll. Simple. I hope that this message has highlighted the importance of simply being kind to one another. You never know what someone else is going through. The new album recorded by the Mack II line-up is out on the 25th of January [2019] and big thanks to all those fans who are sticking with us.”

Video statement by Nathan James on Facebook posted on October 27, 2018:

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