Lust Boys Interview

February 4, 2013

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Interviewer: David S. Grant (author of Rock Stars)

Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, the debauchery drivin’ Lust Boys have recently released their debut album ‘Short Skirts And Tall Glasses’. The band consists of Jayme “Gypsy” Black (vocals), Tommy Thrust (bass), Brian C (guitars), Benny Blitz (lead guitars) and Stefano Sxdryv (drums). The new album rips through sleazy riffs and toxic energy motivated by sex (assuming) and rock and roll. Sleaze Roxx got a chance to interview the band and discuss the new album, their influences, and the appeal of Canadian strip clubs. What we got was a set of honest and raw answers, and confirmation of my assumptions.

Sleaze Roxx: For those not familiar, tell us about the Lust Boys. How did the band originate?

Jayme Black: I was in some shit band called ‘Lust’ playing shit songs but liked the name so I got some gnarly assholes to play some sleaze rock with me. There was a mystic quest in there at some point… involving all that magical shit like unicorns, dragons, and the search for arrowroot cookies.

Sleaze Roxx: I love the name Lust Boys. Is there any good story about coming up with this name, and how about the band member’s names (pseudonyms)?

Lust Boys Sleaze Roxx InterviewJayme Black: It’s an amalgamation of a few things I thought were appropriate for a rock name — sex, mythology, and symbolism. Combining ‘Lust’ and all its carnal pleasures, desires and imagery is a sure fire way of pissing off a few acolytes and officials (laughs). Also, the addition of the cross of Lorraine and its rich history is a suitable logo, “As above, so below”. Also the Lost Boys is a cool cult classic movie. As for the names, mines just my birth name, I used to have a stage name but it lost its flair soon after its inception.

Stefano Sxdryv: The band name was originally just ‘Lust’ but unfortunately there were a few other bands around the globe with the same name so for legal reason ‘boys’ was added… maybe one day that tag will fall off like dried up mold. Sxdryv is phonetic for ‘sex-drive’ (for those that haven’t figured that one out yet) and well… ya, it’s pretty self explanatory I imagine.

Sleaze Roxx: There is obviously an eighties attitude on ‘Tall Glasses And Short Skirts’– any specific influences from the glam genre?

Jayme Black: When we were recording T.G.S.S. we had a few line-up changes which in turn changed the overall feel of the album. At a time when we were minus a drummer and searching for Mr. Sxdryv we were almost in competition with Mr. Bill Bailey for longest running studio album (laughs), but I think there are a few solid influences that are clearly apparent (i.e. Cinderella, L.A. Guns, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Motley Crue) but I feel that we also have a few influences that are a little obscure which gives us our unique sound (i.e. Rory Gallagher, Tool, Hardcore Superstar, HIM, George Michaels) which I believe are sonic landscapes rarely travelled with the majority of rock ‘n’ roll/sleaze/street/glam/blues/metal bands… well, at least the George Michaels part.

Sleaze Roxx: In my review of the album I ended with, “Tall Glasses And Short Skirts is a rebellious soundtrack for anyone who loves their sleaze rock heavy on the party side and light on political viewpoints.” What would Lust Boys like their listeners to know about the album?

Jayme Black: The original version of “Public Washroom” is WAY better! Something got lost in the changes. “Paradise Design” is about society creating a variation of Aryan youth and ‘fake n’ bake’ zombies driven on ripping all the negative reinforcements that toughened the skin of the adolescents out of daily life and replacing it with mind numbing, spirit crushing ideas of perfection and unachievable goals, to keep the sheep in line. Or just my version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (laughs) — you be the judge.

Stefano Sxdryv: I joined the band after they had already recorded what was to be the final album. Soon after joining, and prior to release, we wrote “Hard On Love”, “Garden City” and “Leather And Boots” and it was decided that we wanted to add those songs to the final in place of what was deemed filler. We literally had minutes to get said songs added before our producer(s) tore our indecisive heads off. I recorded all the drums from set up, tuning, mic placement and tones in a total of four hours and paid to get it released cause my band are a bunch of deadbeats (laughs)!

Sleaze Roxx: There seems to be a lot of bands (at least compared to other countries like the U.S.) creating good sleazy rock in Canada, any idea why this is? What is making Canada so goddamn cool? Is it the awesome strip clubs?

Lust Boys Sleaze Roxx InterviewJayme Black: I, myself, did a tenure at a strip club and I will say without a lick of hesitation that Canada has some of the strongest and most beautiful women in the world. They are a true statement to the enduring spirit of rock ‘n’ roll — rad chicks, rad times, that is what it all boils down to. As for the sleaze movement… well, I think rock ‘n’ roll came up north to hibernate, or go into ‘cryostasis’ till the youth stopped listening to Nirvana (laughs). But seriously I think it’s more the fact that Canada still reveres the ‘Guitar Hero’ and still appreciates organic music in all its walks, I feel like with the nations currently replacing tangible talent with “auto-tune” and “dub-step” bullshit, it was only a matter of time for rock ‘n’ roll to shine it’s glorious light on us again. I guess Canada just saw the light a little earlier then some, or never stopped embracing it.

Sleaze Roxx: Are Lust Boys and the songs from ‘Tall Glasses And Short Skirts’ more attitude or life style for the band? Specifically, is the point a celebration of having a good time or are the members of the band logging Wilt Chamberlin/Gene Simmons type “numbers” with the ladies?

Jayme Black: Facts: One, our house ‘The Dump’ puts the Motley Crue house to shame. Two, we do not claim to do anything we haven’t done, we don’t brag about things we’ve done. There is no fabrication in Lust Boys. Too many bands are worried about being healthy and eating right to the point where it’s simply ridiculous, and some are trying to be the next Johnny Thunders or Sid Vicious and I think that’s boring, and suspect that a lot of people feel the same. We try not to be boring.

Sleaze Roxx: Describe the writing process. Are your songs ideas first, a riff, or lyrics written on week old pizza boxes?

Jayme Black: Filth ridden jam room, diseased women outside, hung-over musicians, somewhere between fuzzy and wasted is when we do our best work — trouble is that we always forget to hit the record button (laughs). Usually someone comes with an idea and then it gets cannibalized till every ego is satisfied and then we jam it till we hate it, then cannibalize it again

Benny Blitz: It can start anywhere really. Sometimes we bring in ideas we’ve worked up on our own time, and other times songs form out of spontaneous jams. We tend to go back and rework songs after a while, having them ‘come into their own’ being played live. They tend to change up quite a bit, usually for the better though!

Sleaze Roxx: After watching the videos for “Hard On Love” and “Leather And Boots” I have to ask, is there anything you love more than Jack Daniels?

Lust Boys Sleaze Roxx InterviewJayme Black: Lemmy is a testament to the fabled longevity that many aspire to in rock ‘n’ roll. He drinks Jack all the time… it just seems like maybe that’s some form of ambrosia or maybe the fountain of ‘kinda’ youth is in Tennessee. Well I love Jack… a lot. Mmm… corn.

Sleaze Roxx: Are there any other band vices (other than Jack Daniels) you care to share?

Jayme Black: The usual vices apply — pussy, booze, drugs, money, eBay, midget porn, cheating at Battleship, vinyl, chicken burgers and hot wings. Other than that, mostly making music and collecting ‘Death Lists’.

Sleaze Roxx: What bands do you follow/listen to now? Who would you like to tour with?

Jayme Black: I don’t know about the other guys, but I am currently all about Bon Scott era AC/DC, Danger Danger’s ‘Cockroach’ (Ted Poley version), Kill Cheerleader, Riot (R.I.P. Mark Reale), Cinderella’s ‘Still Climbing’, The Biters, Girl’s ‘Sheer Greed’, Firehouse’s ‘Hold Your Fire’, anything Allman Brothers, and Crystal Pistol, to name a few…For Bands That I’d want to tour with… Motorhead, Skullfist again (fuck, those dudes are a wicked time), Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar — basically anybody that’s cool (laughs). I love the road and I get yellow line fever whenever I’m in someplace for too long. Gimme a show outside of town and a ride there and I’ll play it… I’m sure the other guys agree.

Sleaze Roxx: Rock bands playing (and even booking) gigs at decent venues is difficult today, and some areas can really be a ‘tough nut to crack’. Do you have any marketing strategy you care to share?

Jayme Black: The industry has been oversaturated since the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll, and there is no easy way to ‘crack the nut’, but if I can give anybody a piece of advice it’s ‘ALWAYS be courteous of the venue and promoters that had to put up with your shit for the night, they have seen a million of you and will continue to, people are sick of Motley Crue attitudes — fun to read but not to live, be rad to each other’.

Sleaze Roxx: What is your favorite song to play live from the new album?

Lust Boys Sleaze Roxx InterviewJayme Black: M.O.M. (Moment Of Madness)

Tommy Thrust: Leather And Boots

Stefano Sxdryv: It’s always changing… not to be too vague, but it really does for me. Every room has a new and different vibe from the last which inspires me in a whole new direction. The sound, energy and climate changes plus how much alcohol is running through my veins and lack of sleep all has an effect, not to mention how the crowd receives any given song.

Benny Blitz: Probably Garden City, it’s another one of those songs that evolved after playing it live for long enough. I actually prefer the latest incarnation the best, it’s really gotten even darker and grittier than the recording captured — which is something I really dig.

Sleaze Roxx: Any covers you play that gets the crowd rowdy and ready to go?

Jayme Black: We play a few, namely Elvis Presley’s Hound dog, Guns N’ Roses’ My Michelle, Skid Row’s Youth Gone Wild, and Mountain’s Mississippi Queen. But GN’R always gets the crowd going, especially when it’s done better then Axl & co. do nowadays.

Sleaze Roxx: We are upon a new year, what are the Lust Boys plans for 2013?

Jayme Black: Well we took the month of December off to celebrate and alleviate, so 2013 with the lack of apocalyptic events, I can safely say we are gonna hit the road again and record a new album. Initially we were going to head to Europe and then the US, but rumors have been floating around of a support slot on an upcoming tour of a band that is making quite a stir in the music industry… cross your fingers! Other than that we plan to update our sites more now so you can usually check out what’s going on with us on that medium.

Sleaze Roxx: I have to ask — New Year’s resolutions for 2013, let’s hear them.

Jayme Black: Take less bullshit, weed out the problem — cut the fat.

Sleaze Roxx: Last question, after Lust Boys are famous and sell millions of records will it be jealousy or addiction that leads to ‘tension in the band’? You know, the part of the VH1 Behind The Music show where they show a member of the band passing out on the stage and then cut to commercial.

Jayme Black: Three Point Plan: 1. Platinum selling album, 2. Rehab, 3. Reality TV — or so that’s what the idea is nowadays (laughs). All good things are meant to come to an end. Hopefully I choke on my own vomit or something — I hear a band with a dead lead singer is all the rage.

Sleaze Roxx: Any Closing thoughts?

Jayme Black: Contrary to popular belief, eggnog and Jager is a great holiday drink (laughs)! Check out Lust Boys at — Give em lip n’ take no shit!