‘O’ of Undercover Slut Interview

December 13, 2009

Websites: www.myspace.com/undercoverslut
Interviewer: Grant W.

The last time I interviewed Undercover Slut’s lead singer ‘O’ was in a Paris coffee shop almost four years ago. Now more established, and two albums further down the line, I catch up with ‘O’ to find out what’s changed with the band and he reveals information about their upcoming reissue of ‘Amerikkka Macht Frei’, Art with a capital A and Charles Manson’s son.

Sleaze Roxx: ‘O’, its good to catch up with you again. I realize that you must have a few things to tell me that have changed since we last spoke, firstly, the line-up. What’s the current Undercover Slut line-up?

'O' Undercover Slut Interview‘O’: Divine on lead guitar, Drag on rhythm guitar, Gash on bass, Kraze on drums and of course myself spitting that unorthodox gospel to worldwide masses.

Sleaze Roxx: When we last met, “Communism Is Fascism” had not long come out. You’ve recently released “Amerikkka Macht Frei”. What’s the significance of the album title with KKK references and German in the title?

‘O’: I stole it from Hegel’s wise philosophy “Arbeit Macht Frei”. Actually Nazis used it outside all concentration camps during WWII. And I guess I changed it to “Amerikkka Macht Frei”, since “A.M.F.” was entirely recorded and produced in the U.S. of A. BTW, spelling America with three K’s always has a stronger impact than one C, doesn’t it?

Sleaze Roxx: I heard that the album was being re-released with different packaging and bonus tracks, when’s that due out?

‘O’: Correct! Saint Valentine’s Day 2010, February 14th that is, via Deadlight Entertainment/Underclass (W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, Ministry). “Amerikkka Macht Frei” will come out as a Digipack deluxe CD and on vinyl. Actually, there will be two different covers available, both on black vinyl and on white vinyl. Very collectable indeed. Log on to www.myspace.com/undercoverslut for more details.

Sleaze Roxx: For the hardcore Undercover Slut fans, would you say that your sound has changed on “Amerikkka Macht Frei”?

‘O’: Fuck yeah! Recording “A.M.F.” at the Chop Shop, which is located on those Hollywood Hills in L.A. brought us a lot. Chris Baseford, who actually produced Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee/Methods Of Mayhem, Genitorturers, John 5, etc… did a killer job on it. The Chop Shop was perfect for us, the gear, the atmosphere, everything. Fake actually played all drums tracks on Tommy Lee’s drum-kit. Divine also recorded a couple songs on Mick Mars’ Les Paul. My good friend Teddy Heavens from Rebel Rebel came in and played on “Dali Was A Junkie” as well as Eric Griffin from the Murderdolls/Wednesday 13 who played on “Kastration Kar Krashes”. Also, Matthew Roberts, Charles Manson’s son, came in and did a duet with me on “Jesus Kills! Coroner Saves!”. The production sounds huge and there’s nothing to compare with all previous Undercover Slut recordings from garages to shitty apartments.

Sleaze Roxx: I’ve been asking a few folks in interviews about the state of the music industry in their country. Do you think that to realistically make it nowadays you have to do it from an American base, and would you consider upping your roots and taking Undercover Slut lock stock and barrel to America?

'O' Undercover Slut Interview‘O’: I guess it became difficult for most artists and bands. We’re playing where it’s convenient for us to perform at.

Sleaze Roxx: You’re notoriously against cruelty to animals yet I’ve noticed that there are some quite disturbing scenes in the video for “Shadow Song” which shows pictures of animal cruelty. What was the intent behind that video?

‘O’: Showing what’s going on behind closed doors mainly. Even if MTV Europe won’t play it like they heavily did with “narcOtics/cOsmetics”, fuck it! The bottom line is I cannot stand all that cruelty and everyone of Earth should know what’s happening in those slaughterhouses, laboratories, circuses…

Sleaze Roxx: And there’s also quite a lot of bare flesh in the video, porn does seem to feature quite heavily in your videos too? Would it be safe to say that you are never going to compromise your beliefs for the sake of airplay or sales?

‘O’: This is all about Art, capital A without compromising. I would burn suitcases of fuckin’ cash for the sake of Art!

Sleaze Roxx: You also appear to have a good market in Japan, why do you think you’re more of a success outside of your native France?

‘O’: Undercover Slut is probably way too larger-than-life and way too politically incorrect for the Islamic Republic of France to get full respect from the French morality.

Sleaze Roxx: I believe you are touring both Japan and the States? You don’t seem to have got beyond London much when it comes to the U.K. so can I ask if you have plans for a U.K. tour in the future?

‘O’: Yes, the States for the 7th time in 2010 as well as Japan for the very 1st time. No serious offers to tour the U.K. have been submitted to us so far. We are dying to though. Anyone interested in booking us a British tour, please e-mail Offensive Records now! offensiverecords@aol.com (subject line: UCS in the U.K.)

Sleaze Roxx: I recently watched some footage of you appearing on what looked like a politics show on French TV. What was all that about, you’re not going into politics are you?

‘O’: If that’s the one I think it is, it wasn’t a political show. However, I fuckin’ hate politicians. I most recently designed a t-shirt for that great shirt company called Her(m)etic: http://hermetic.bigcartel.com/product/undercover-slut-by-her-m-etic Check it out, you’ll see how I truly feel about politicians.

Sleaze Roxx: In terms of plans for the future and Undercover Slut, what’s next on the horizon for you guys?

‘O’: The re-release of “Amerikkka Macht Frei”, its follow-up, those overseas shows and hopefully more live performances here and there, especially in the U.K.

Thanks to ‘O’