Iron Maiden Raise $8,000 In Auction For Former Drummer


Iron Maiden have managed to raise nearly $8,000 (approximately $12,400) from their Clive Burr auction and will donate the proceeds to the Clive Burr Multiple Sclerosis Trust Fund.

According to the group’s official web site, bids were received from around the world. The Stage Eddie was bought by an eager Japanese Fan and is currently getting ready to be shipped all the way to the Far East.

Former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr is suffering from multiple sclerosis – a disease of unknown cause. The disorder is causing him intermittent numbness and can affect his balance. At present there is no known cure for MS, although he is helping test new drugs in the hope that his body response may contribute to a cure.

Clive joined the band at the very end of December 1979 and played on the first three albums, Iron Maiden, Killers and Number of the Beast, and toured extensively with the band over this groundbreaking period before leaving in early 1983.

Courtesy of Blabbermouth