Jack Russell Called Out By Former Bassist Dario Seixas

Jack Russell Called Out By Former Bassist Dario Seixas

August 13, 2013

Jack Russell Called Out By Former Bassist Dario SeixasLess than a month after reaching an agreement with his former band regarding the use of the Great White name, singer Jack Russell seems to have got under another musician’s skin. Bassist Dario Seixas, who left Jack Russell’s Great White last month, has now come forward to explain his reason for leaving the group — and pulls no punches.

“So on my drive home yesterday, I stumbled across Jack giving an interview on the radio… I was not surprised that he had to talk shit about me. It is sad though, specially after everything I had done for him,” states Seixas. “I tried to be classy and keep things on a professional level, but since he obviously doesn’t like or appreciate that, I’ll tell you guys the REAL reason why I quit. And yes, let me remind you that again, I QUIT! He did not fire me and even tried to get me to go on this tour a WEEK before it started. It’s amazing to me how fake some people are.”

Seixas is letting it be known that he quit the band over ‘lying, cheating, and forged financial records’.

“We had an agreement that we would split the profits from the shows and the merch, with Jack making 50% and the rest of us splitting the other 50%, with management taking 10% of of that,” explains the bassist. “Everything was fine initially and we were getting the budgets weekly as agreed. All of the sudden, they stopped sending us the budgets, which obviously raised some concerns. I kept asking about it and getting the runaround. That went on for over 10 months and I finally put them in a corner where they couldn’t give me bullshit excuses anymore. So, they sent me all the financial records, which they stupidly admitted to have taken 6 hours to ‘make’. Obviously, those were not the real ones, since those were already made. I pressed them over the issue and Jack finally admitted that he was paying management an extra 5% and didn’t want to tell us about it. On top of that, we hadn’t seen any money from merch in over 10 months, ’cause he decided he was going to use that to pay for his legal fees, or as management said, ‘expenses approved by Jack’.”

The Brazilion born Seixas played his last show with Jack Russell on July 13th in McHenry, Illinois and was promptly replaced by Great White alumni Tony Montana. The former Firehouse and Stephen Pearcy bassist is schedueled to appear on Herman Rarebell’s upcoming ‘Acoustic Fever’ album.

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