Jack Russell in coma only eight months ago from drinking binge

Jack Russell in coma only eight months ago from drinking binge

Jack Russell photoFormer Great White frontman Jack Russell appeared on the Music Mania podcast with hosts Clint Switzer and Paul Lagana on May 13, 2016 where he discussed many topics including his alcohol drinking in the last year landing him in a coma.

Russell stated the following about his coma landing alcohol fuelled evening: “The last time I did that was eight months ago. I went on a binge and I drank like ten Mai Tais in like 20 minutes. And I kept falling off the bar stool and I had a guy saying, ‘Hey dude. We love you but you got to go or else I’ll call the cops. So Don Dokken, who was with me, took me down to my boat and dropped me off and my wife [Heather] was just furious [laughs] as you can imagine. And she put me to bed and the next morning, I wouldn’t wake up!… I got held in a coma eight months ago from drinking too much and the doc told me when I woke up, ‘You drink again, you’ll lose [inaudible] and you’re going to die.’ And I said ‘OK. I know somebody that it happened to so I am not going to take the chance.'”

When asked what were his plans music wise, Russell responded, “It’s you know, it’s, it’s, it’s very eclectic but there’s some stuff on there like nobody has heard. Like there’s a song called “My Addiction” which is straight to the point. I mean there are no punches drawn about my life and about the things that I did… Um, it’s just a really heavy spooky kind of song. There’s a lot of really heavy songs on this record and the guitar playing is just phenomenal. You know, I have never had a guitarist that I have worked with in all my years that has been as good as he is — Robby Lochner — and the two of us have been writing some brilliant songs together. I hate to sound like I am just patting myself on the back. I am, I am just being honest…”

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