Jack Russell’s Great White to release new album ‘He Saw It Coming’ in February 2017

Jack Russell’s Great White to release new album ‘He Saw It Coming’ in February 2017

The legendary Jack Russell will be releasing his first studio album as Jack Russell’s Great White in February 2017 and the album will be titled He Saw It Coming.

img_0322In an interview with disc jockey Eddie Winters, some of which were transcribed by Blabbermouth, Russell talks about the new album. The following are excerpts from the Blabbermouth article (with slight edits):

On the Jack Russell’s Great White song “Hard Habit”, which was released in 2014, compares to the other songs on the band’s forthcoming debut album:

Jack: “[The new album is] done. I’ll tell you, ‘Hard Habit’ is the… I wouldn’t say ‘worst’ song, because it’s a great song, but it is at the bottom of my favorite songs, and everybody else in the band, because it was one of the first songs we wrote. It’s still a good song, but the other songs are so far elevated than that, you wouldn’t even think it was from the same band. Our music sounds like Great White, because that was what the voice represented, but the songwriting has been elevated. I mean, I write with Robby [Lochner, guitar; ex-Fight] better than I’ve written with anybody. I mean, the first song we wrote ended up on the album. And it is a very eclectic record, and it’s just smoking from top to finish.”

Jack Russell’s Great White‘s “Hard Habit” song:

Jack Russell’s Great White – Hard Habit

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On the songwriting process for Jack Russell’s Great White‘s debut album, now called “He Saw It Coming” (originally titled “The Gauntlet”):

jack-russell-photoJack: “There wasn’t any songs that were really a struggle to write. I write the music on some and I had the melody lines and some lyrics, and I showed it to Robby, and I don’t play [guitar], so I’ve kind of gotta [hum the riffs or chord progressions], or whatever, and he’s gotta figure out a chord from one note. So he just picked up on that right away, and it was amazing. ‘Cause you write with somebody for thirty-some years and all of a sudden you write with somebody else, and you’re, like, ‘Okay. How’s this gonna be? Is he gonna have a bunch of dumb ideas that I don’t like? Or is he gonna think my ideas are crappy? Or are we just gonna hit it off. And I was really surprised when it was just… boom! We were thinking along the same lines. But Robby added a flavor to what I was doing guitar-wise and melody-wise. He’s one of those music-theory guys, so we have a lot of moving harmonies and stuff we never had before.”…

On the tentative release date for the Jack Russell’s Great White album:

Jack: “It should be February [2017]. We were a little late turning it it, just because of the mix. And we wanted to make sure it was pristine, so we sat there — me and Robby, ’cause Robby and I produced it — and we wanted to make sure it was prostine. And now we’re scouting out mastering guys. And we [talked] to a bunch of people, and I think we found the guy we needed that’s not gonna kill the sound and make it high-endy or too low-endy. And it just sounds… it sounds brilliant.”

You can read the rest of the article at Blabbermouth.

Interview by Eddie Winters with Jack Russell:

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