JackViper Unveil New Singer


June 10, 2008

Jay R departed JackViper and a new singer joined the band. Clips of the new singer and new album are now on http://www.myspace.com/jackviper05

We are sad to announce that Jay R has left JackViper. Due to musical differences he will no longer be performing with the band. It was a tough decision to make but we feel the right one given the circumstances. We will be honouring all our upcoming shows and commitments though so don’t worry! We have already secured a replacement on vocals

Audio clips of JACKVIPER’s new singer singing on our debut album “33 Degrees of Hypocrisy” can now be heard in our AUDIO SECTION.

You’ll recognise some of our old classics on the clips including Go Fuck Yourself and Walk the Line, along with new tracks Bridge too Far and Laid to Rest.

This is just a taster of what’s to come with our new lineup and new album.We’ll be announcing who the new mystery lead vocalist is next week.

Until then, enjoy the tunes, let us know what you think, and get ready for the return of the Viper!

See you on the 25th June at our gig at the Purple Turtle in London, where we’ll be unveiling our new lineup!

Courtesy of www.jackviper.com