Jagged Edge’s debut EP and full-length album to be reissued by Bad Reputation Records as double CD

Jagged Edge’s debut EP and full-length album to be reissued by Bad Reputation Records as double CD

Jagged Edge‘s debut EP Trouble (1990) and debut full-length album Fuel For Your Soul (1990) will be getting reissued as a double CD with bonus tracks via Bad Reputation Records in July 2021. The group features guitarist Myke Gray whose band Shades of Gray recently released a self-titled album and can be purchased via the guitarist’s website.

Track List for Fuel For Your Soul + Trouble+ Bonus Tracks:

CD1 – Fuel For Your Soul:
01. Liar
02. Out In The Cold
03. You Don’t Love Me
04. Hell Ain’t A Long Way
05. Smooth Operator
06. Sweet Lorraine
07. Fuel For Your Soul
08. Law of The Land
09. Loving You Too Long
10. All Thru The Night
Bonus Tracks:
11. Money Talking
12. Burnin’ Up

CD2 – Trouble:
01. Trouble
02. You Don’t Love Me
03. Rosie Rosie
04. Crash And Burn
05. Good Golly Miss Molly
Bonus Tracks:
06. Rock The Nation
07. Don’t Force Your Love On Me
08. Fire And Water
09. Resurrect
10. Rosie Rosie (live)
11. All Thru The Night (live)
12. Life In The Fast Lane (live)
13. Out in The Cold (live)

Bad Reputation Records‘ press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

“A fairly notorious London based rock band led by guitarist Myke Gray, a man who has often been regarded by many as an immense guitar talent. Jagged Edge first came together in 1987 masterminded by Gray after his split from Dorian Gray.

After few differents line-up and few demos, Myke Gray retained the Jagged Edge name and linked up with Sanctuary Management, home of Iron Maiden and W.A.S.P., a liaison that resulted in a deal with Polydor Records in 1989. Gray recruited Italian drummer Fabio del Rio (Bruce Dickinson) and ex-Tokyo Blade bassist Andy Robbins to the group and promptly issued the first Jagged Edge release in the form of a mini-album entitled Trouble with Swedish vocalist Matti Alfonzetti, previously a member of Bam Bam Boys & Boxer (later Road to Ruin, Skintrade).

The band’s first full-length album, Fuel For Your Soul, produced by Jeff Glixman, found Jagged Edge grafting a support to visiting acts such as Dan Reed Network, Thunder and Vixen. An European support slot with then Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson’s solo band ensued in 1990 before Jagged Edge undertook a headlining British club tour later the same year with support of Heartland. Despite the high profile shows and the hard work from Gray, Polydor dropped the band and Alfonzetti left to be followed by Del Rio. Without a record deal, Gray opted to split the band. After a brief flirtation with UFO in 1990 and abortive relaunchs of Jagged Edge under various guises including Phoenix, Bad For Good, Taste and Obsession, he surfaced in the more successful Skin.”

Jagged Edge‘s “You Don’t Love Me” video: