Jailhouse Post Video For new Song “Straight At The Light”

Jailhouse Post Video For new Song “Straight At The Light”

November 28, 2010

Jailhouse and Demon Doll Records have just released the official video for Jailhouse’s brand new song “Straight At The Light”, their first in over 19 years. Amir Derakh, Matt Thorr, and Michael Raphael reunited with original leadsinger Danny Simon to write, record and release “Straight At The Light” for their new compilation album of the same name.

Jailhouse signed a deal with Demon Doll Recordsto release and distribute the new song included in a compilation record thatshowcases the materiel that helped pave the way for the band’s success on theSunset Strip and beyond. ‘Straight AtThe Light’, released on October 31st, is available exclusively for sale worldwide throughDemonDollRecords.com.

Also included in the 17 songs are two tracks from the group’s original demo,as well as five tracks from their breakthrough EP ‘Alive In A Made World’ whichpropelled the two videos “Please Come Back” and “Modern Girl” in to heavyrotation on MTV’s “Headbangers Ball” in the early nineties.

The new CD also encompasses 7 songs from the Capital Records recordingsessions as well as three songs never released on CD that were produced byMatthew and Gunner Nelson, one of which is co-written by RATT front man StephenPearcy.

“Straight At The Light” is a melodic, guitar driven track that gives a freshperspective of where Jailhouse might have wound up musically if not for thedecline of Pop Metal and the Sunset Strip.

The new song was recorded, engineered and mixed in Burbank, CA by former RoughCutt and Jailhouse bass player Matt Thorne (Trapt, Ratt, Warrant, Badlands, TheDonnas, etc)

Rough Cutt was signed to Warner Brothers Records in 1984 and consisted ofmembers Amer Derakh, Matt Thorr and Paul Shortino who later left the band totake over vocal duties for Quiet Riot. He was briefly replaced by ParramoreMcCarty of Warrior before Rough Cutt called it quits. Derakh and Thorr regroupedwith singer Danny Simon and guitarist Michael Raphael to form Jailhouse.

Amir Derakh, went on to his groundbreaking guitar synth work as a member of theplatinum selling electro rock outfit Orgy.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and demondollrecords.com