Jake E. Lee played in country, jazz fusion and funk bands prior to playing in Ratt in early ’80s

Jake E. Lee played in country, jazz fusion and funk bands prior to playing in Ratt in early ’80s

Red Dragon Cartel and former Ozzy Osbourne and Badlands guitarist Jake E. Lee was recently interviewed by Japan’s Muse On Muse and spoke about his love for other types of music than rock.

Lee advised: “I’ve always had a love for all music. I listened exclusively to classical and jazz music in my childhood years through my parents. Before moving to Los Angeles and joining Ratt, I had played in a country rock band, a jazz fusion band, and a funk band with a full horn section. Sprinkling my music with all the different influences I grew up with, and still listen to, makes it so much more interesting, at least for me.”

In terms of the songwriting process for the new Red Dragon Cartel album Patina, Lee indicated: “Unlike the first album I decided to write this album with the full band present. Anthony’s studio is on a ranch in Pennsylvania and can house everyone, so we were together 24/7. I’d bring an idea into the studio and we would work on it from there. You can feel if the song is working immediately. It’s much more dynamic that way and as a plus, you can tell it’s going to work really well in a live environment, on tour.”

With respect to the actual recording process for Patina, Lee stated: “Ant and I agreed to record this old school. He would meticulously mic everything. Find the right mic, the right angle and distance. Any compression, all done through actual hardware, was dialed in. If it didn’t sound perfect we’d fix it there and then, no “fixing it in the mix”. Same goes for performances. No auto-tuning or beat detective or any software “fixer”. If you couldn’t naturally perform your part, then either change it or practice it till you can.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Jake E. Lee at Muse On Muse.

Red Dragon Cartel‘s “Havana” video:

Red Dragon Cartel – “Havana” (Official Music Video)

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