James Durbin didn’t audition for singer position in Quiet Riot

James Durbin didn’t audition for singer position in Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot‘s long-time drummer Frankie Banali was recently interviewed by Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited with the band’s new studio album Road Rage released via Frontiers Music Srl six days ago.

Banali was asked if he was impressed with new singer James Durbin when the latter auditioned to which Banali replied: “James didn’t have to audition. I had every confidence in his abilities. There was no audition. The first order of business was to have James come onboard to do the existing QUIET RIOT dates. I sent him the setlist, links to all those songs, both studio versions and live versions, with Kevin. He absorbed the material. I flew him to LA and we did two days of rehearsals and off we went to play live. He was accepted by the fans from show one, but we accepted him the minute he walked in the door.”

Of note, Banali had already worked with Durbin on a Quiet Riot song prior to Durbin joining the band. In an interview with I’m Music Magazine, Banali stated: “Here’s an interesting piece of the puzzle; I knew that James had the talent, charisma and energy that I wanted for Quiet Riot, but I hadn’t worked with him on any new material. While James and Alex were working on Hollywood Scars, I sent James the music to a new song for the new Quiet Riot record, but I didn’t tell him that’s what it was for. I told him that I wanted to send him a song and see what he could do with it. To give you an idea how on top of it James is, that evening I got back a rough demo where he had written the lyrics and melodies and put down a vocal and Alex put down a guitar solo. In literally less than a day I got this back and then I said, ‘now I have something to work with.’ That song ended up being “Can’t Get Enough” which is the first music video that Quiet Riot has done in almost three decades.”

You can read the rest of the interviews with Banali at Classic Rock Revisited and I’m Music Magazine.

Quiet Riot‘s “Can’t Get Enough” video:

Quiet Riot – “Can’t Get Enough” (Official Video)

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