Janet Gardner releases video for title track to upcoming new album ‘Your Place In The Sun’

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography.

Janet Gardner releases video for title track to upcoming new album ‘Your Place In The Sun’

Former Vixen lead vocalist Janet Gardner has released a video for the title track of her upcoming new album Your Place In The Sun, which will be released via Pavement Entertainment tomorrow (on May 31, 2019).

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Your Place In The Sun:

“Listening to this, you’ll be reminded that Janet’s voice is amazing. Many people can hit the notes but she has such control of her voice that she is able to add so many ‘colors’ to it. Whatever color fits the song — the anger, the pain, the longing — you hear it all in her voice as she conveys that emotion and delivers the story convincingly. Not every singer can do that.

This record has so many flavors. It is like the soundtrack to a movie. No two songs are the same and they are not formulated songs. There are so many different ‘feels’ throughout the record. They not only use each song as an opportunity for a mood change but even each section of the song. It’s amazing how they can just steer you into an emotion and then suddenly, with a part change, grab you, shake you and throw you to the floor! Then, with the next part change, pick you up, brush you off and carry you through the next part of that journey.”

Janet Gardner‘s “Your Place In The Sun” video:

Janet Gardner “Your Place In The Sun” Official Music Video

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