Janet Gardner reveals her reasons for leaving Vixen and will miss “sisterhood” in that band

Janet Gardner reveals her reasons for leaving Vixen and will miss “sisterhood” in that band

Former Vixen lead vocalist Janet Gardner was recently interviewed by AXS and revealed her reasons why she announced her departure from the band last month.

In terms of what prompted her decision to leave Vixen and concentrate on her solo career, Gardner advised: “Last year was insane for me. It started off in January when we were on a solo run out West and I had to have emergency brain surgery. I made up all of the missed shows and then did a U.K. run. Then Vixen started and we did even more great stuff. When I finally came up for air I was back home to my regular job, taking care of my son and all the other things that I do, and realized I was missing out on a lot because of scheduling. I had to make a decision.”

On whether this had been something that had been weighing on her for some time, Gardner indicated: “Absolutely. I definitely wanted to make it work. They [Vixen] had made concessions for me when I needed to do things and I would feel bad about holding them back. I remember one time being stuck in a Detroit airport for eight hours and missing my son’s middle-school graduation. It’s hard to leave my family but I don’t want to keep Vixen from doing what they want to do. It was a tough call.”

With respect to what she will miss most about Vixen, Gardner opined: “Definitely the camaraderie. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guys in my band and am used to hanging with a bunch of dudes, but I will miss that sisterhood. They’re all great musicians and I’ll miss all of it. I’ve been associated with Vixen for thirty-five years, either being involved or supporting another version of the band, but they’re going to carry on. They now have Lorraine Lewis, who is absolutely fabulous. Everyone will continue to make music and that’s what’s important. I think we’re all very grateful to have these opportunities.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Janet Gardner at AXS.