Jani Lane, “I’ll Be Back…And More Determined Than Ever”

Jani Lane, “I’ll Be Back…And More Determined Than Ever”

July 22, 2010

Jani Lane, I'll Be Back...And More Determined Than EverFormer Warrant vocalist Jani Lane, who was recently sentenced to 120 days in prison after pleading no contest to driving under the influence (DUI) earlier this year, has issued the following statement through www.myspace.com/saintsoftheundergroundfans.

“I’m not founded on the notion that any press is good press. I’m more than willing to face the consequences for my bad decisions. I’m extremely remorseful about how this has affected my family, friends and fans. I have done a ton of soul searching. This is not a situation I ever dreamed of finding myself in but here I am. I will walk through this and take it as a wake up call. I believe everything happens for a reason. This comes at a time when I am writing some of the best music of my life. I intend to man-up, get through this and release something new in the fall-winter of this year. I will do several shows this holiday season simply because I love to perform and the fans deserve to see me at my best. I want to thank all my friends and fans who have expressed their amazing support and especially my wife and children who continue to surround me with love. This is one of the most trying times and yet enlightening that I’ve ever faced. I’ll be back…and more determined than ever. I love the Warrant songs. I wrote them from the heart but I have a side to my songwriting that a lot of people may be unaware of…I intend to change that!

To the guys in Warrant…I wish you the best as well.

My true hope is that anyone out there dealing with personal problems…the consequences do not get lighter. I can only say I’ve never regretted a good decision or action and never been proud of bad ones.

People have an astounding ability to forgive…I have to start with forgiving myself. That is something that I find far more difficult than I imagined. I think it starts with gratitude. Today I’m grateful.”

Thank you for reading…sincerely, Jani Lane

“PS. A personal, from the depths of my soul, thank you to my beautiful wife and children. Without you I would not have the strength or desire to do what I have to do! My love is eternal…I will never let you or myself down again. To the thousands of supportive fans…you amaze me…I will do my very best to return the favor!”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.myspace.com/saintsoftheundergroundfans