Jani Lane Reports On First Warrant Reunion Shows


May 29, 2008

Wow, what a fricken relief!

We (Warrant reunited)finally got on stage together the other night inNashville and the following night in Walker,Minnesota (a review can be read at Sleaze Roxx). There was so much speculation on our partand the fans as well!

About a week before the shows my”myspace” was literally humming with excitement! I hadthe pleasure of having my daughter, Madison attend thefirst show. Trust me…there is no more honest criticthan the 10 year old who thinks of you as “the old guywho takes her to school!” All things considered, Ithought the 1st show went pretty well. No majorequipment problems and the crowd was great. Wedefinitely fed off the energy the audience fed us.

Ascrazy-fast as the day in Nashville went, it almostshifted into slow motion for me on stage. I caughtmyself mentally drifting down memory lane while myvoice and body must have been in some kind ofauto-pilot mode…very surreal! I would look around atthe guys and get flashes of the Sunset Strip (circa’87 or so) starving, hoping, praying and having a hellof a good time! Memories of recording, touring,laughing and crying together! It really made me think,”holy shit…we have been through the mill together!”and let me tell you folks something…I am not a wussbut for the five of us to be standing on stagetogether sounding that good…everyone healthy andhappy…I nearly welled up several times! I never letit show though…mostly because, if I did, I’d have tokick my own ass for being a wimp!

At one point my 10 year old ran out on stage to tellme goodbye and that it was her bed time…I was sointo the show I almost had her removed by security!LOL!! Just kidding. I did, however, get a “heydad…you were really good tonight.” from her lateron.

All I can say is it was truly a night I will neverforget. A real mile-stone…if you will. Oh, and bythe way….the next night in Walker…was even better!See you this summer…let’s all make it a kick-assrock-n-roll one to remember!!!!

Jani Lane

Courtesy of www.myspace.com/warrantband