Japanese Christian rockers Imari Tones release video for song “Forgiven”

Japanese Christian rockers Imari Tones release video for song “Forgiven”

Imari Tones have released a video for their song “Forgiven” from their latest studio album Overture, which is the last to feature the lineup of lead vocalist and guitarist Tak, drummer Jake and bassist Hassy as the latter two left the band in March 2018 after more than a decade in the group.

Track List for Overture:
01. Overture
02. Discarded World
03. Born Again
04. Forgiven
05. Samurawanai
06. Revive The Nation
07. Cat Licks
08. Daremo Kamiwo Minai
09. Kotoba
10. Mistake
11. One More Continue

The following message was posted in part on Imari Tones‘ Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“New Music Video!

Song called “Forgiven” from our latest album “Overture“.

It’s a song about how messed up we are, and even though this world is beyond repair there is forgiveness and grace of God.

In the movie is the last few months with Hassy & Jake, who left the band last year. You can see we were happily playing music together until the last moment.”

Imari Tones’ “Forgiven” video:

Forgiven 日本のクリスチャンロック Japanese Christian Rock 伊万里音色

日本のクリスチャンロックバンド、Imari Tones (伊万里音色)の”Forgiven”という曲のMusic Videoです。Imari Tonesは、日本初の本格的クリスチャンヘヴィメタルバンドとして知られ、おもに英語で曲を作って来ましたが、今回クリスチャンバンドになってから初となる全曲日本語のアルバム”O…