Jeff Pilson most proud of his time in Dio out of three bands (Dokken, Foreigner & Dio) that has played in

Jeff Pilson most proud of his time in Dio out of three bands (Dokken, Foreigner & Dio) that has played in

Foreigner and classic Dokken line-up bassist Jeff Pilson was recently interviewed by The Metal Voice‘s Jimmy Kay and the bassist spoke about his time in Dio.

When asked which of the three bands Dio, Foreigner and Dokken that he is most proud of, Pilson opined (as transcribed by The Metal Voice): “It would be Dio because there was a connection about Dio. It was the most heaviest powerful band I had been in and I took what I learn in Dio and brought in back to Dokken later on. I would say Dio but I am really proud of Foreigner. Foreigner is on a headlining tour  now and we worked our asses off to get back here of course we have Mick Jones great songs but we had to work our way back”.

In terms of whether there are any unreleased Dio songs, Pilson advised: “As far as me having it no. As far as being unreleased material yes there is. There is actually a fair amount of unheard material. There is talks and they are in the works of someday the music seeing the light of day. In order for it to be releasable there would have to be things done to it . Yes, there is Ronnie on songs that people have not heard does exists. However I do remember playing Ronnie a riff and us starting to work on a song and I believe the riff is going to surface on the upcoming Dio Disciples record.”

With respect to producing the new Last in Line album and a timeline on its completion, Pilson stated: “Right now, they are talking about January 2019 as a release date, the record is not completely done recorded.”

You can listen to the interview with Jeff Pilson by The Metal Voice below:

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