Jeff Pilson reveals Dokken planning possible box set with “a lot of interesting bonus stuff”

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

Jeff Pilson reveals Dokken planning possible box set with “a lot of interesting bonus stuff”

Foreigner, The End Machine, Black Swan and occasional Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson was recently interviewed by Australian journalist Steve Mascord on the White Line Fever podcast where the bassist reiterated his interest in doing one more album with the remaining members of Dokken‘s classic line-up — lead vocalist Don Dokken, guitarist George Lynch and drummer “Wild” Mick Brown.

Pilson indicated (as provided by the White Line Fever podcast with slight edits):

“We’re talking about possibly doing a boxed set at some point and throwing in a lot of interesting bonus stuff.

“I mean, I would love to do one more Dokken record. Right now, Don is involved in his own version of the band and doing a record so we can’t really deal with a reunion record at this point. Maybe never. Who knows?

“But once he’s done with that and we address this again, I’d love to do another record. I’d love our legacy to … I just feel like we still have something to say musically. We got together for the reunion a few years ago and we did one new song and our chemistry was as intact as ever. It really felt unchanged.

“So my sense is it’s there and if we tapped into it, we could come up with a great record.

“So that’s one thing I’d like to do for our legacy. The other thing is .. I feel like Dokken music was under-utilised in just the social panorama of music out there so maybe somebody can do something like that.”

“We do have plans for the Dokken legacy… I hope it’s concluded with a record but again, it’s so hard to say right now and it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen. But know that we are thinking about it and moving in that direction.”

Asked about Don Dokken’s recent complications from back surgery which limited his use of his hands, and whether this might affect any reunion, Pilson said: “Only in to what degree his endurance is. I don’t think he’s done a lot of live performing since that. He’s done some so I guess he can do it.

“We haven’t talked those sorts of specifics because we haven’t really talked a reunion. I mean, we’ve talked a little bit about it. I guess it’s a factor. He’s certainly able to write lyrics and melodies so we can certainly work together. I don’t think we’re limited.

“He was a writer of music as well with Dokken but not as much as George – or George and I working together were. So we would have no lack of music. As long as he could write lyrics and melody we’d be fine.”

You can listen to the interview with Jeff Pilson on the White Line Fever podcast below: