Jeff Pilson: Things Are Heating Up In L/P Land


L/P, the new group featuring former Dokken members George Lynch (guitar) and Jeff Pilson (bass/vocals), are in the final stages of negotiations for a U.S. record deal, having already secured a Japanese release via JVC Records.

“Things are heating up in L/P land,” Pilson writes on his official web site. “There are a couple labels in the running for a domestic deal, and both seem strongly committed to the music and long-term vision for the band. I wish I had names to give you [wouldn’t be good business], but I will say that everyone is in agreement this needs to get out early next year, probably March in the states. I still believe we’re talking Feb. for Japan. Having more than one label interested is always good as it brings out the best commitment from whoever ‘wins’. Unfortunately, however, it might be adding a bit more time to actually finalize the deal, but the release date should stay the same regardless. As soon as we have everything together, George and I will finish remixing and then master the record. At that time, labels willing, we’ll try and post some new tidbits.”

Courtesy of Blabbermouth