Jeff Scott Soto’s ‘Beautiful Mess’ Coming In February With Bonus Tracks


December 10, 2008

Frontiers Records ( is more than pleased to announce the release of JSS latest release “Beautiful Mess” on February 20th in Europe.

JSS is an Artist who has graced many stages, a hybrid redolent of Soul, Pop, Rock, Blues and R&B influenced by luminaries such as Queen, Prince and Sam Cooke and a man who has proved, across the years that he can deliver all these genres well.

For many years JSS has been known to the world as Jeff Scott Soto. In a career spanning more than twenty years, beginning as the vocalist for guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen, leading to frontman for many bands including: Talisman, Soul SirkUS, the legendary Journey and more recently Trans Siberian Orchestra. In 2002 he set out on the long, arduous road of a solo career with the acclaimed album “Prism” and has released two solo albums since then, “Lost In The Translation” and now “Beautiful Mess”.

He came to the notice of many in the industry when he provided the lead vocals for the main character/singer of “Steel Dragon” in the Mark Wahlberg motion picture “Rock Star”. With an audience that comes from Europe, Asia, South America and North America, his appeal is about to be widened even further with this new highly commercial release.

In “Beautiful Mess” JSS blends the influences he grew up loving into one “beautiful mess” indeed; from the rocking soul of “21st Century”, to the sultry “Gin & Tonic Sky” through to the funk of “Bring It Home” and the Beatle-esque “Kick It”, JSS leaves no stone unturned in this release, pleasing fans old & new alike. “Beautiful Mess”, which is co-written & produced by the acclaimed Swedish artist/producer/writer Paulo Mendonca, is a turning point for JSS who recently dubbed by many as the “new hardest working man in show business” and this new album will find him touring the globe once again in the spring 2009.

If you like the bite of Lenny Kravitz, the sultriness of Seal, the smoothness of Sam Cooke & the rawness of the nostalgic 70’s rock ‘n’ soul, all mixed with a contemporary touch of today’s best music, then you need to take a listen to “Beautiful Mess” by JSS.

“Beautiful Mess” European release will include the following tracks:

21st Century
Cry Me A River
Gin & Tonic Sky
Broken Man
Our Song
Bring It Home
Wherever You Wanna Go
Kick It
Heart Starts Healing (Bonus Track)
Take U Over With Me (Bonus Track)
21st Century and Gin & Tonic Sky (videos – iPod ready versions)

In addition to this, a DVD will be added as a special bonus and will include the full quality videos for “21st Century”, “Gin And Tonic Sky”, “Hey”, a specially filmed piano version of “Gin And Tonic Sky” and live footage recorded at the recent JSS exclusive appearance at the Firefest show in Notthingham UK, October 2008.

Radio airplay of the two singles “21st Century” and “Gin & Tonic Sky” is set to start in early 2009 with a preview of the “21st Century” music video available on youtube now (viewable below)!

Frontiers Records and JSS would finally like to inform that a un-authorized bootleg version of the album has been circulating on the Internet and sold especially on eBay. Fans and distributors can easily spot the difference between the original version and the bootleg because of the different tracklisting. Frontiers and JSS do NOT support such release, are actively working to stop it and look forward to give the fans a PROPER product, which will also specially priced as regular 1CD set notwithstanding the addition of the bonus DVD.

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